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Niagara County Births

>Mount St. Mary's Hospital

*Boys were born to:

Dec. 18

Casey L. and Quarry M. Allen, Niagara Falls

Dec. 24

Danielle R. Cox and Aaron S. Reid, Niagara Falls

Jan. 10

Danielle N. Bietz and Justus Stephen J. Roback, Niagara Falls

Jan. 15

Louis C. and Shana M. Fratello, Niagara Falls

Ryan M. and Laura K. Kingston, North Tonawanda

Jan. 18

Molly J. Edwards and Shawn Z. Bernoski, Niagara Falls

Jeffrey A. and Corinne N. Davis, Niagara Falls

Jan. 19

Calvin R. and Cortney A. Wilson, Niagara Falls

Jan. 20

John M. and Cheryl E. Mack, Niagara Falls

Jan. 24

Emily R. Wood, Niagara Falls

Jan. 26

Patricia A. Cook and Arvell L. Carson, Niagara Falls

Feb. 4

Valerie R. Castiglione and Marc G. Bellanti, Lewiston

Feb. 6

Clare E. Miller and Brandon C. Conley, Lewiston

Feb. 10

Justin A. and Michelle L. Cole, Appleton

Feb. 12

Bobby and Nitasha Puri, North Tonawanda

Feb. 20

Krystina M. Caraglin and Paul J. Chase of Ransomville

Feb. 24

Jaime B. Wiktorowski and Brian F. Shivery, Niagara Falls

March 6

Russell L. and Cathleen H. Chilberg, Youngstown

March 9

Kevin D. and Beth M. Henderson, Niagara Falls

March 10

David J. and Eileen A. Pacana, Lewiston

March 15

Tamika N. Florence and Reginald K. McCreary Jr., Niagara Falls

March 21

Ashley M. DeMaria and David J. Schmidt, Grand Island


*Girls were born to:

Jan. 2

Gillian A. Mangano and Richard D. Anderson II, Youngstown

Jan. 6

ShaRonda L. Platt and Raeshon J. Moore, Niagara Falls

Amber L. Frazier and Steven C. Rose II, Niagara Falls

Jan. 12

JoAnna C. Wienke and James Martin L. Wallace, Niagara Falls.

Jan. 17

Kina M. Mott and Rhoshe L. Jackson, Niagara Falls

Jan. 19

Fidella C. Stufkosky and Samuel J. Barone Jr., Niagara Falls

Jan. 21

Kenneth S. and Donna M. Black, Niagara Falls

Jan. 22

Jade Kemp and Gerale D. Jones, Niagara Falls

Jan. 26

Frederick R. and Stacey L. Rollain, Lockport

Jennifer L. Pembleton and Brian P. Whitmire, Niagara Falls

Jan. 27

Olimpio and Melody A. Alicea, Niagara Falls

Feb. 7

Natalia A. Beyer and Zachary L. Craig, Niagara Falls

Feb. 16

Justin L. and Leia K. Marple, Niagara Falls

Feb. 22

Jason A. and Jennifer M. Birtz, Grand Island

March 2

Michael J. and Justina A. Freedman, Niagara Falls

March 4

Christopher D. and Tiffany M. Peterson, Niagara Falls

March 6

Todd A. and Heidi L. Hopkins, Lockport

March 9

Laura L. Cagnina and Jerry R. Deck, Niagara Falls

Lindsay M. Finnegan and Daniel M. Banas, Niagara Falls

March 10

Michael A. and Sarah A. Ambrosia, Sanborn

March 11

Derek J. and Danielle D. Kendrick, North Tonawanda

March 13

David G. and Anna M. Catlin, Lewiston

Sarah A. Clingersmith and Joseph A. Garfalo, Niagara Falls

March 14

Brett W. and Christina N. Haag, Lockport

March 16

Marci R. DuBois and Danilo Tabora, Niagara Falls

March 17

Matthew J. and Sara A. Villnave, Lewiston

March 20

Claire L. Curtis and David M. Hoffman, Niagara Falls

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