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Trivia Quiz

1. Water covers 30, 50 or 70 percent of Earth's surface?

2. When is the word "capitol" used?

3. Name the only Southern state Ronald Reagan did not carry in the 1980 presidential election, when he was elected to his first term as president.

4. How many humps has the dromedary?

5. What leader of a country in Europe was exiled to the island of Elba in 1814?

6. What team scored a record 55 points in a Super Bowl game? Also, identify the losing team in that game.

7. What company produced "Movietone News"?

8. What color are Girl Scout uniforms?

9. Is the cashew a fruit or nut?

10. Which gland is overactive if one has Grove's disease?



1. Seventy percent.

2. Only as a name for the building where Congress or a state legislature meets.

3. Georgia, home state of opponent Jimmy Carter.

4. The dromedary is the one-humped, or Arabian camel.

5. Napoleon Bonaparte.

6. The San Francisco 49ers, in 1990. The losing Denver Broncos scored 10 points.

7. Fox.

8. Dark green.

9. It's a fruit from the cashew tree, growing at the end of a pear-shaped "cashew apple."

10. Thyroid.

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