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Trivia Quiz

1. Putting something in the circular file means to place it where?

2. Which state has divisions rather than counties?

3. The Ten Commandments appear in two places in the Old Testament. One of them is Exodus. What is the other?

4. What was the first name of Elvis Presley's mother?

5. The pituitary gland is connected by a stalk to what part of the body?

6. Is it grammatically correct to use the word "none" as a pronoun?

7. Do snakes have ears?

8. What time is it in Chicago when it is noon in Detroit?

9. What is a crumpet?

10. Into what body of water does the Hudson River flow?



1. In the wastebasket.

2. Alaska.

3. Deuteronomy. The phrasing is similar but not exactly the same.

4. Gladys.

5. The brain.

6. Yes. "None" is also a noun, adverb and adjective.

7. No.

8. 11 a.m.

9. A flat cake.

10. Upper New York Bay.

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