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Show a little gratitude to fundraisers at race

On June 12, I participated in my ninth Race for the Cure. Like a recent letter writer, I saw a man light up a cigarette. I don't know if it's the same man the writer complained about, but the man I saw was probably a police officer and a part of the team, Coppers for the Cure, that brought in the single largest block of money for the Susan B. Komen Association in this year's race. His reward was to have a man elsewhere in the crowd begin yelling loudly to the entire crowd in an attempt to get the crowd to take some sort of action against this generous person.

I was enraged by the way that man was treated, and reading the June 17 letter further enraged me. Where is the gratitude? What is the point in calling someone who is raising money to help cure a disease that you have suffered with a narcissist, as the writer has?

Should participants who are found annoying by nonsmokers give their time and money to some other cause? Does the Komen foundation want to turn away people willing to help? What caused the annoyed man at the race to try to turn the crowd into a mob? Why do people who had to smell cigarette smoke for a couple of minutes feel compelled to vent to the newspaper? What's wrong with this picture?

Robert F. Sacco



'Shen Yun' dancers performed beautifully

I waited this long to voice my opinion about Colin Dabkowski's review of the "Shen Yun" performance at Shea's Buffalo on May 27 so I could bring my temper down, but I feel just a regular concert-goer needs to express an opinion.

My question: Was he ever there? I and others who attended this marvelous dance program were enthusiastic about the whole performance. We saw no issues of the propaganda Dabkowski mentioned, although the English words printed on the screen to translate the soloist's words might have had some subliminal meaning. It was a beautiful expression of dancing, and the last two scenes were of such beauty that you could feel the dancers radiated with love from their surrounding people.

As for the price, where we sat, if there was one empty seat in the row it was surprising. At the end, everyone gave the dancers a standing ovation. It was well worth the price of the tickets and I would see this performance again if and when it comes to Buffalo.

Betty Forge

West Seneca


Both parties have let American people down

No matter whether a Republican administration or a Democratic one, both have supported policies that have effectively destroyed our manufacturing sector and have created massive trade deficits. Both have continued to expand the size of government, creating trillions in debt that will never be able to be repaid.

The Democrats pitch never-ending social programs with the true motive being control and not compassion. The Republicans, in the name of a "war on terror," have trampled the Constitution in their quest to create a military/police state. Furthermore, both parties have shamelessly shirked their duty to defend the borders of this country. Last but not least, neither side would ever abolish the Federal Reserve, which has wreaked havoc on the country's money supply.

Folks, we have a de facto one-party system that has successfully reverse-engineered the freedoms won during the Revolutionary War. We are no longer an independent nation but a dependent one. However, the recent primary win of Rand Paul offers a glimmer of hope. The fact that talking heads from both the left and the right have attacked Paul lends further credence that the "two-party" system is a false dichotomy.

We need hundreds more like Rand and Ron Paul who are committed to bringing us back to our constitutional moorings. Otherwise, I fear this republic that was handed to us will soon be forever lost.

Dave Jager



Water Authority failing Erie County taxpayers

After reading about the Orchard Park resident whose dispute with the Erie County Water Authority was denied, where was simple common sense? After the faulty valve was replaced, his water problem was solved. Can't the Water Authority put two and two together?

I find it interesting that the spokesman for the authority said, "the authority has an obligation to its ratepayers to deny the claim." Why don't Water Authority officials think of the ratepayers when they collect their ample salary and benefits?

In another case, the Water Authority challenged a ruling three times and lost. Why wasn't the authority thinking of the ratepayers for the cost of all the litigations in the appeals? I often wonder, does the authority ever settle a claim without going to court?

These are two examples of our government failing us, the taxpayers of Erie County.

Chris Nasca



Supervision and support vital to great nursing care

Mary Elizabeth Hajduk was very articulate in her My View column on June 15. I appreciated her sense of humor in stating that at 84 years old she would "some day be called elderly," and that she was approaching "that cranky old lady" status. My sense is those days are far in the distance for her.

As a former skilled nursing home administrator, I can attest to the fact that her comments regarding the need for constant supervision and support were on target. Nursing assistants -- indeed all who work in health care settings -- are challenged daily to provide quality care, often times exceeding what is expected in other lines of work, and for less pay.

There must be recognition of the individuality of those being cared for. Even a single instance of verbal or physical abuse is one too many. I often reminded staff members to "treat each resident as if he or she was the most important person in your life." I truly appreciate the many who do this routinely, often times without praise or recognition.

Thomas H. Reinagel



Clinton was correct; Obama is unqualified

Hillary Clinton hit the nail right on the head when she ran the TV ad that showed the president's phone ringing, and a voice said, "Who would you want to answer the phone in an emergency at 3 a.m.?

President Obama is inept and can't make a decision. He is the perfect example of the "Peter Principle." He has risen to his level of incompetence. We have a polarizing president.

John W. Orlowski


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