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Flooding, tornado hit parts of Midwest

AVON, Ind. (AP) -- Central Indiana residents fled flooded neighborhoods Tuesday, while those in a small town in Wisconsin tried to figure out why a warning siren failed to alert them before a tornado destroyed 25 homes.

The storms that pelted the Midwest weakened as they moved east Tuesday, but the National Weather Service said another wave was on the move.

Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle declared a state of emergency in Waukesha County, where emergency crews conducted a door-to-door search in Eagle after a warning siren failed to sound before a tornado hit Monday night. The 25 destroyed homes were among at least 125 damaged. One person was injured.

Eagle Fire Chief Justin Heim said all residents were accounted for Tuesday. Some, including Heim's own family, had to be pulled from the rubble.

In Edna Mills, about 10 miles east of Lafayette, Ind., officials called for a voluntary evacuation as a small creek rushed over its banks. Witnesses in central Illinois reported tornadoes near the Indiana border, while flash floods covered roads.


Finder returns $3,600 lost by newlyweds

BRIDGEVILLE, Pa. (AP) -- A Pennsylvania man found an envelope stuffed with $3,600 and returned it to the newlyweds who lost it after their wedding reception.

David and Ashley Marasco of Bridgeville had mistakenly driven off with their wedding album on top of the trunk of their car Sunday. The money had been tucked inside.

Another motorist pointed out the album on the trunk, but the envelope had already fallen out.

Brennan Breene, also of Bridgeville, said he saw the envelope with cash sticking out Sunday in the middle of Washington Pike, a busy highway southwest of Pittsburgh. So, he stopped to pick it up.

He said he learned about the loss Monday from local news Web sites, so he gave the cash to police to be returned.

Breene said he knew the money wasn't his.

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