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Trivia Quiz

1. In 1835, the Liberty Bell cracked as it was tolling for the death of whom?

2. Identify the starboard side of a ship.

3. How many inches of snow equal one inch of rain, on average?

4. Which beats faster, an infant's heart or that of an adult?

5. What country produces the most coffee?

6. The Seven Hills of Rome are seven low hills on the east bank of what river?

7. What colors did early Egyptians use to decorate their eyes?

8. Change 0.20 to a fraction.

9. Where in the Bible is a genealogy of Jesus?

10. The Military Academy's football team is the Cadets. The Naval Academy's team is the Midshipmen. What is the name of the Air Force Academy's team?



1. Chief Justice John Marshall.

2. It's the right-hand side when facing forward.

3. Ten inches.

4. The heart of an infant, which beats about 120 times a minute compared to about 70 times for adults.

5. Brazil.

6. Tiber River.

7. The undersides were painted green, with black on the lids, lashes and eyebrows.

8. One-fifth.

9. The Book of Matthew (first chapter).

10. Falcons.

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