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Niagara County Real Estate Transactions

Following are real estate transactions over $5,000 as listed in records of the Niagara County clerk's office for the week ending May 14.


Upper Mountain Road, Lorraine A. Schintzius; Edward C. Schintzius; Eddward C. Schintzius to Courtney L. Rappleyea; Donald D. Rappleyea Jr., $127,250.

Willow Creek Lane, Castleton Development Llc to Ryan Homes of New York; Nvr Inc., $27,000.

Campbell Blvd., Christine E. Kesterson; Charles T. Kesterson to M&M Space Inc., $15,000.

Cambria-Wilson Road, Michael A. Diandrea to Ali Mohseni-Khalesi; Melanie Mohseni-Khalesi, $10,000.



8877 Bradley Road, Kevin J. Robison to Joseph Alt; Donna M. Alt, $125,000.

Humphrey Road, Jennifer Allen to Peter D. Fisk; Katie J. Fisk, $24,000.



James Drive, Danny R. Gagliardo; Carole L. Gagliardo to Marlo C. Briglio; Mark J. Briglio, $190,500.

5th St., Sharon S. Byron; Harry W. Byron to Mary A. Reedy, $125,000.



Bridlewood Drive & Weld St., Jule Ann Weseman; Grace L. Weseman; Paul D. Weseman to Nancy M. St. Laurent; Kevin C. St. Laurent, $93,000.

East Ave. & Juniper St., Samuel L. Terrazzino to Scott J. Scranton; Jennifer E. Crego, $72,000.

Lewis St., Philip S. Abramowitz; Mary C. Abramowitz to Brian Bailey, $35,650.

Allen St., Tracey A. Couturier; James G. Couturier to Kevin W. Pratt; Andrea L. Pratt, $32,000.



Jeffrey Drive, Ann M. White; Earl C. White Jr. to Tracy L. Bugna; Richard K. Bugna, $165,000.

Lincoln Ave., Mark S. Lacey; Katherine G. Lacey to Anthony D. Pittman, $142,500.



Lockport-Olcott Road, Jeris F. Daniels; Alan G. Daniels to Bernadette Seymour; Robert E. Seymour, $144,000.

High St., Robert E. Seymour; Bernadette J. Seymour to Mary Beth Sheehan, $135,750.

Lockport-Olcott Road, First Niagara Realty Inc. to Rebecca Thompson; Douglas E. Thompson, $75,000.



Highest price: $445,400

Average price: $97,896

Median price: $60,000

Number of Sales:19

Porter Road, CSX Transportation Inc. to Olin Corp., $445,400.

6390 Niagara Falls Blvd., R&M Sunoco Inc. to 6390 Niagara Falls Blvd. Inc., $254,301.

862 James Ave., Diane T. McGovern; Diane T. Coty to Nicole M. Cafarella; Jason J. Cafarella, $165,000.

9308 Hennepin Ave., Deidra Sterner; Bessie Petrakis to Diane Coty, $130,000.

Porter Road, Delta-Sonic Carwash Systems Inc. to RB-3 Associates, $130,000.

Military Road, Ella Irene Catchpole to Robert Warren; Kathleen A. Warren, $90,000.

Norwood Ave., Marlo C. Briglio; Mark J. Briglio to Lonnie L. Kornacki, $90,000.

185 57th St., Theodore Jenkins; Stephanie J. Sertick; Martha E. Carr to Warren S. Miller, $72,500.

Hyde Park Blvd., Robert Kendzia to James N. Carella, $68,300.

Buffalo Ave., Isabel Caterina; Vincent A. Caterina; Isabel S. Caterina to Rapid Transit Llc, $60,000.

Sutton Place Condo, Unit 40, Nancy Zanatian to Isabel Caterina, $59,900.

67th St., Clara D. Tolfa; Angelo L. Tolfa to Michelle M. Cloutier, $55,000.

93rd St., Chris A. Plennert to Charles Chambers, $55,000.

Linwood Ave., Stanley Carbone to Sharon A. Graci, $49,820.

18th St., Roula Altabaa; Tarek Orfaly to Randy Newton; Kari M. Batson, $43,500.

75th St., Lewis Kazial to Adam D. Wisniewski, $43,000.

309 Spruce Ave., Kent Mak to HSBC Bank, $30,000.

Belden Place, Chris Phillips to Michael Greenawalt, $11,000.

611 29th St., Keybank National Association to Denise Plennert; Chris Plennert, $7,300.



Highest price: $172,000

Average price: $109,231

Median price: $110,000

Number of Sales:10

Vanderbilt Ave., Joseph Alt; Donna M. Alt to William T. Crago, $172,000.

1643 Nash Road, Wayne D. Marlette; Cathleen M. Marlette to US Bank, $137,125.

Westwood Drive, Deutsche Bank to Irving K. Keighley, $126,200.

Robert Drive, Patricia Bolduc; Carl E. Bolduc to Eric R. Soro; Corinn R. Harms, $120,000.

Payne Ave., Michael T. Miskell; Bonnie L. Miskell to Joshua J. Hebert, $112,500.

East Thompson St., William T. Crago; Victoria A. Crago to Robert P. Burns III, $107,500.

Oliver St., Paul J. Kudla; Dolores A. Kudla to Abdul Al-Shafai; Azam Hadzic, $90,000.

Woodward Ave., Samantha Marie Bell; Dawn Marie Bell; Andrew J. Bell to Timothy Kowalski, $85,000.

3rd Ave., Thomas Rogers to Timothy J. Glenn, $77,000.

3rd Ave., Kevin T. Cuedek; Kenneth R. Cuedek to Patricia Dean; Daniel P. Dean, $64,980.



Oakwood Drive, Timothy McCadden; Cheryl A. McCadden to Samuel L. Terrazzino, $260,000.



Creek Road, Scott P. Suitor to Seth A. Higley; Christine M. Higley, $145,000.

Northfield Drive, Andrea M. Rotella to Stacie A. Bak, $97,000.



Mountain Road, Stephanie A. Birkemeier; Thomas E. Alvord to Linda L. Edmister; Kenneth R. Edmister, $192,800.

Slayton Settlement Road, William A. Stern; Beatrice A. Stern to Amanda Lovewell, $111,300.

7 Mechanic St., RBS Citizens to Paul S. Smith, $48,000.

Mountain Road, Thomas J. Smith to Michelle M. Hanssen; Michael R. Hanssen, $7,000.



Timberlink Road, GMD Development Llc to Kevin J. Donovan; Jane A. Donovan, $287,900.

Thornwoods Drive, Talarico Bros. Building Corp. to Beth Vance; Paul A. Vance, $45,000.



Marsh Settlement Road, Verna Gurski; John A. Gurski; Debra A. Gurski to David J. Gurski, $40,000.

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