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46 killed, 12 missing after mine explosion

BEIJING (AP) -- State media say at least 46 miners were killed when an explosion ripped through a mine in the central Chinese province of Henan.

The State Administration of Work Safety said the blast early today hit a mine in Pingdingshan city in the province.

The official Xinhua News Agency reported on the deaths and said at least 12 miners still are missing.

Safety has improved sharply in recent years, but China's mining industry is by far the world's deadliest. Accidents and blasts killed more than 2,600 coal miners last year.


Radar used to study 3,500-year-old city

CAIRO (AP) -- An Austrian archaeological team has used radar imaging to determine the extent of the ruins of the one-time 3,500-year-old capital of Egypt's foreign occupiers, said the antiquities department Sunday.

Egypt was ruled for a century from 1664-1569 B.C. by the Hyksos, a warrior people from Asia, possibly Semitic in origin, whose summer capital was in the northern delta area.

Irene Mueller, the head of the Austrian team, said the main purpose of the project is to determine how far the underground city extends.

The radar imaging showed the outlines of streets, houses and temples underneath the green farm fields and modern town of Tel al-Dabaa.

Archaeology chief Zahi Hawass said in the statement that such noninvasive techniques are the best way to define the extent of the site. Egypt's Delta is densely populated and heavily farmed, making extensive excavation difficult, unlike in southern Egypt with its more famous desert tombs and temples.

The Austrian team of archaeologists has been working on the site since 1975.


Officials claim arrest of attack's mastermind

SANA, Yemen (AP) -- Yemen says it has arrested the suspected mastermind of the spectacular attack on the intelligence headquarters in the country's main southern city that freed detainees and left 11 people dead.

An official statement Sunday said the suspect belongs to "terrorist groups" in Yemen and has a known criminal record, including a bank robbery last year.

The government had said the Saturday attack on the heavily protected security complex in the port city of Aden bore the hallmarks of al-Qaida.

Yemen's central government is grappling with a number of armed groups, including al-Qaida which is gaining ground in the remote areas of the country, as well as an increasingly violent separatist movement.


Van der Sloot's mother said son is mentally ill

AMSTERDAM (AP) -- Joran van der Sloot, the chief suspect in the murder of one woman and the disappearance of another, suffers mental problems, his mother was quoted Sunday as saying.

Van der Sloot, a 22-year-old Dutchman, is suspected in the disappearance of American teenager Natalee Holloway in Aruba in 2005. He sits now in a prison compound on the dusty outskirts of Peru's capital, Lima, held on suspicion of killing 21-year-old Stephany Flores on May 30 -- five years to the day after Holloway vanished while on vacation.

"My son is sick in his head," the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf quoted Anita van der Sloot as saying in an interview published on its Web site Sunday.

In the interview, Anita van der Sloot said she does not believe her son killed Holloway.

"But if he killed Stephany, he'll have to pay the price. I won't visit him in his cell, I cannot embrace him," she was quoted saying.

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