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'06 was some kinda class

Gregoden---If the Class of 2006 had played four years in college - an unlikely concept for about 30 years now - Thursday's NBA Draft would have featured Kevin Durant, Buffalo native Greg Oden, pictured right, Stephen Curry, and Robin and Brook Lopez just to name a few. lists 153 players from '06 and 26 are currently on NBA roster. You'll also notice that among the top 14 players only Niagara Falls Paul Harris is not currently playing in The League. 

---The Washington Post profiled future Wizard point guard John Wall, who lost his father to cancer when he was eight years old. Despite the angst that his father's jail stint and death created, Wall reveres him.

---The so called "one and done rule" might be short changing college athletes.

---Tom Izzo is the man at Michigan State.

---Andrea Adelson asks do conference championship games make a difference in the BCS picture?

---Larry Felser writes Texas rejection of the Pac-10 puts probation ridden USC in the spotlight. And while we're on the subject of expansion, is more change coming? Also, look for an ugly divorce between Nebraska and the Big 12. And after watching the way Marshall was treated before it left the MAC, Cornhuskers fans can expect little sympathy from the refs this fall. 

---Rodney McKissic


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