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Power Rankings / Mike Harrington ranks MLB from top to bottom

(Through Thursday's games. Most recent in parentheses)

1. Tampa Bay Rays. Price has 10 wins, team has 10 runs in three of his recent starts. (1)

2. New York Yankees. Home fans losing patience with Joba. (2)

3. Boston Red Sox. Have crawled back into AL East race. (9)

4. San Diego Padres. No-name staff leads MLB in ERA and strikeouts. (3)

5. Atlanta Braves. Kawakami 0-9 but team still surviving. (4)

6. New York Mets. Get Oswalt or Lee and you can start talking deep postseason run. (18)

7. Minnesota Twins. Will face ex-ace Santana on Saturday at Citi. (6)

8. Cincinnati Reds. Arroyo stuns Dodgers with three-run homer, trio of 3-6-1 DPs. (5)

9. Los Angeles Dodgers. Took beating in Freeway Series. (8)

10. Texas Rangers. Rolling through a run of NL weaklings. (15)

11. Detroit Tigers. No Strasburg, no problem against Nats. (13)

12. San Francisco Giants. Scary moment: Lincecum OK after liner off shoulder. (12)

13. St. Louis Cardinals. Rolling the dice by re-signing Suppan. (7)

14. Los Angeles Angels. Got back into contention with 11-3 road trip. (19)

15. Toronto Blue Jays. Nice team, wrong division. (10)

16. Colorado Rockies. U-Train could win 17 by the All-Star break. (11)

17. Philadelphia Phillies. Series win in Bronx might mark turnaround. (14)

18. Oakland Athletics. Nice deal to get Jackson from Arizona. (17)

19. Florida Marlins. Losing touch with division leaders. (16)

20. Chicago White Sox. Took advantage of the pathetic Pirates. (22)

21. Washington Nationals. Have to win on days The Phenom isn't pitching. (20)

22. Chicago Cubs. Angels become final AL team to play at Wrigley. (21)

23. Kansas City Royals. Guillen putting together power numbers. (27)

24. Seattle Mariners. No way to expect Lee would have just four wins. (24)

25. Milwaukee Brewers. McGehee continues to rake in the clutch. (26)

26. Houston Astros. Can't get team batting average over .240. (28)

27. Arizona Diamondbacks. Entered weekend with 13 straight road losses. (23)

28. Cleveland Indians. The fans are all home fretting about LeBron. (29)

29. Pittsburgh Pirates. Ugly time to reveal extensions for manager, GM. (25)

30. Baltimore Orioles. Couldn't beat '10 Mets, might "beat" '62 Mets in record book. (30)

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