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Class of 2010 graduates with pride ; A four-year ride to Harvard University, other scholarships among many honors

About 2,200 seniors will graduate from Niagara County's 10 public high schools in ceremonies this week, many of them reaching unusually high levels of achievement.

The Class of 2010 has a lot to boast about.

Siena Dear of Barker received a scholarship to Harvard, worth almost $200,000.

Lewiston-Porter High School sees one student off to Dartmouth College and another to Cornell University.

And Jordynn Koroschetz is Wilson High School's salutatorian and was offered $523,500 in scholarships to a variety of schools.

That's not all for Jordynn, who has never missed a day of school since she started kindergarten.

Not one, in 13 years.

"I don't like to miss school," she said. "It's a hassle. There have been days where I begged by mom to let me go."

Her perfect attendance earned Jordynn the $700 Joseph Thomas Kreusch Memorial Scholarship, which honors the accomplishment for grades seven through 12. Only one other student in the district has ever earned the scholarship.

She received scholarship offers from eight different schools and a variety of other sources. She plans to attend Binghamton University for either creative writing or film and will be able to apply more than $7,000 in scholarship money toward her studies. She's written two children's books that were published and stocked in school libraries.

The vast majority of this year's seniors seem to have done well and helped improve the academic standings of their schools, according to their principals. Here is a look at the Class of 2010:


Barker High School Principal John Hoar said all 92 of his students are expected to graduate, 88 with Regents diplomas.

Nineteen seniors are expected to graduate with Advanced Regents With Honors diplomas; 17 with Advanced Regents diplomas; and 52 with Regents diplomas.

Hoar said 75 percent of his seniors are expected to attend college and those students have won more than $3.1 million in college scholarships. Last year, Barker seniors reported winning about $1.8 million in college scholarships.

About 11 percent of the class expects to enter the military. About 4 percent will go on for technical training, and 10 percent will enter the work force. Class valedictorian is Ethan Dewart and salutatorian is Sienna Dear.


Principal Paul J. Casseri expects to see all 189 of his seniors graduate, all but one receiving Advanced Regents and Regents diplomas.

Eight students -- Emma Besaw, Tyler McGhee, Jenna Brydges, Adam Siedlecki, Lauren Conti, Jenna Van Dusen, Joseph Ireland and Janelle Johnson -- will receive the Lew-Port Honor Diploma, a special award given to students who have maintained an A-plus average during all four years of high school.

Brydges is the class valedictorian, with an $80,000 scholarship to George Washington University; Van Dusen, the salutatorian with a $132,000 scholarship to Eastern Michigan University.

Ninety-four percent of the class is scheduled to attend college next fall. Five percent will enter the military, and 1 percent plan to enter the work force.

Numerous Lew-Port students have won military scholarships. Matthew Buerger earned $414,000 to join the Air Force, and Nikolas Curry earned $200,000 to join the Navy.

Adam Siedlecki was accepted to Dartmouth College; Bhairvi Singh to Cornell University.


Principal Frank Movalli said 90 percent of his 414 seniors will graduate this year, 98 percent of them with a Regents diploma, and 110 of them as four-year honor-roll students.

Eighty-eight percent will enter two- or four-year colleges, 5 percent the military, 4 percent technical training, and 3 percent the work field.

Those entering college in the fall earned $1.8 million in scholarships.

Class valedictorian is Sandra Cleveland; salutatorian is Anna Robbins.


School Counselor Glenn Smith said he expects 96 percent of the school's seniors -- 149 of them -- to graduate. Seventy-two will earn Advanced Regents diplomas; 67 will earn Regents diplomas.

Eighty-six percent plan to attend college, while 3.8 percent will enlist in the military service, and 9 percent expect to enter the work force.

Students earned more than $250,000 in college scholarships. Most notably, Morgan Kilcullen will attend Elmira College tuition-free for four years.

James Schuler is valedictorian and Kilcullen is salutatorian.

>Niagara Falls

Principal James Spanbauer said 480 students, or 87 percent of seniors, will graduate. Of those, 85 percent earned Regents diplomas.

Seventy-six percent of graduates plan to enter college, 1 percent technical training and 12 percent the work field. Seven percent are unsure or considering other options.

Students received about $3 million in scholarships, including school-based grants and presidential scholarships. The school does not name valedictorians and salutatorians.

>Niagara Wheatfield

Principal Jeffrey Hazel said he expects about 340 of his seniors to graduate. Class valedictorian is Katherine Kroening; salutatorian is Rachel Pearson.

>North Tonawanda

Principal James Fisher said he expects 357 of his students to graduate, 157 with Regents diplomas and 166 with Advanced Regents diplomas.

Thirty-one students were on the honor roll all four years of high school.

About 85 percent of graduates plan to enter college next year. They've garnered $89,250 in local awards and scholarships. About 4 percent of graduates will enter the military; 7 percent the work field and 4 percent are unsure or considering other options.

Lindsay Kriegbaum will attend Syracuse University on a $40,000 scholarship. Will Rohleder received a hockey scholarship to Florida State University, and Jessica Saraceno will attend Elmira on a full scholarship.

Class valedictorian is Josey Topolski; salutatorian is Kimberly Garbus.


Principal Michael Murphy said 95 percent of his senior class -- 110 students -- is expected to graduate, all of them with Regents diplomas. Twenty-nine of the students maintained an honor-roll average for four years.

Seventy-seven percent of the graduates plan to attend college. They racked up $1.2 million in scholarships. Three percent will enter technical training, 8 percent the work field and 5 percent are unsure or considering other options.

Class valedictorian is Joseph Monti, who was accepted to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Salutatorian is Jesse Anderson.


Principal Gil Licata said of 228 candidates for graduation, 211 will earn a Regents diploma and 26 will have been honor-roll students for all four years of high school.

Ninety-two percent of graduates will attend college in the fall, and they reported earning $585,000 in scholarships. That's down about $40,000 from last year. Five percent will enter the work field, and 3 percent are unsure or considering other options.

Several students earned full scholarships: Sydney Palka to Canisius College; Stephanie Loyd to Niagara County Community College and John Billingsley to the University at Buffalo.

Class valedictorian is Megan Morris, who will attend Indiana University of Pennsylvania to study accounting and criminal justice. Billingsley is class salutatorian and will study chemical engineering.


Principal Daniel Johnson said the 95 students who will graduate make up 99 percent of his senior class. They'll all earn Regents diplomas, a trend for the last four years. Thirty-three of the students spent four years on the honor roll.

Seventy-nine percent of graduates plan to attend college next year and they garnered a total of $5.5 million in scholarships -- $1.3 million more than last year.

Six percent plan to enter the work field, 5 percent technical training, 4 percent the military and 5 percent are unsure.

Joshua Ernisse earned a $414,000 scholarship to join the Air Force and $140,000 from the Cornell University Naval ROTC.

Emily Kemp was accepted to Hobart & Smith College and Nickolas Halleran received $130,800 to attend the University of Rochester.

Class valedictorian is R.J. Seager and Koroschetz is salutatorian.

>Niagara Catholic

All 53 of the seniors graduated with Regents diplomas, said school official Maura Cattarin. Almost half the students -- 24 -- were on the honor roll throughout high school.

All graduates intend to enter college in the fall. They garnered $2.2 million in scholarships, up from $1.4 million last year.

Class valedictorian is Daniel Bax; salutatorian is Natalie Licata.



Niagara County graduation ceremonies

Barker: 9:30 a.m. Saturday, Herbert F. Ludwig Fine Arts Hall in Barker High School

Lewiston-Porter: 7 p.m. Friday, Artpark in Lewiston

Lockport: 1 p.m. Saturday, Artpark

Newfane: 7 p.m. Saturday, Center for the Arts, University at Buffalo North Campus

Niagara Falls: noon Saturday, Conference Center Niagara Falls

Niagara Wheatfield: 7 p.m. Thursday, Artpark

North Tonawanda: 10 a.m. next Sunday, Artpark

Royalton-Hartland: 7 p.m. Saturday, Royalton-Hartland High School

Starpoint: 7 p.m. Friday, Starpoint High School Auditorium

Wilson: 9 a.m. Saturday, Artpark

Niagara Catholic: held June 11 at the Riviera Theatre

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