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Excerpts from reader commentary on News staffers' online blog postings last week. Online comments come from registered users, but -- unlike reviewed and verified Everybody's Column letters -- can be posted under pen names.

Billboard: In a response to Mark Gaughan's blog on the Bills' quarterback depth chart and what the pecking order might be at training camp, iceman posted this:

I think the only guy that has the team made is Fitzpatrick. He is a solid back up ala Frank Riech. My guess after that is that Brohm and Edwards will battle it out and if one of them steps up they will get the starting job and the other will either be 3rd string or off the team all together. If nobody steps up Fitzpatrick will be starting and keeping the starters chair warm for next years #1 pick. In that event pull for a 3-13 season.

maverick responded:

iceman, are you crazy? did you actually watch Fitzpatrick throw last year? and you insult Frank Reich by comparing the two?


Matters of Opinion: An aggregator posted on the opinions blog by George Pyle linked to this paper's editorial and other reviews of President Obama's Oval Office talk on the Gulf oil leak. bobbycat had this to say:

There has been a clamor for the President to get mad every since James Carville's rant.

I'll agree with Fareed Zacharia who says its silly to fake anger just to satisfy some public desire for good theatre. Let's hope the President is beyond those theatrics. In any war I'd rather my commanding office be cool under fire and be able to think his way through the best strategy and tactics without blowing his cool. If I want emotions I can turn on Glenn Beck or those of his ilk.

Mark added this:

We have been dealing with an energy problem that comes back to bite us every couple years since 1973, and the repeated clamoring is for an energy policy to get us off the oil dependency.

Hopefully this is the last event that causes us to move forward and become more energy efficient.


Sabres Edge: John Vogl blogged about former Sabres' defenseman Mike Ramsey, who has three children of high school age, stepping down as an assistant coach with the Minnesota Wild to spend some time with his family. That drew memories of much-respected #5, including this from Sniper:

Ramsey was absolutely, without question the top defenseman that the Sabres have ever had. I remember many playoff series, with Montreal and Boston, and when asked, their coaches would ALWAYS say that Ramsey was the Sabres only defenseman that they were concerned with.

Mike was an iron man, always the most dependable and rugged D-man. Not only with the Sabres, but among all defensemen when he played. We are talking stay at home, cover your man, shutdown D-men. Mike Ramsey is the kind of player that helps a coach and goalie get some sleep at night.

TD added this:

Ramsey was the best defenseman in Sabres history. Heck, I think he was the last actual "defenseman" acknowledged enough to make it to the All-Star game on a few occasions.


Pop Stand: Anne Neville's blog about happenings in pop culture included an item about elsewhere-blogger Perez Hilton posting, then deleting, a revealing photo of celebrity Miley Cyrus exiting a car, a posting that found him facing criticism and possible charges of distributing child pornography. His explanation that he did it "to encourage Miley to be ladylike" didn't sit well, so to speak, with OrionsGate357, who commented:

This "guy" is notable for what? Hanging around with "celebrities" and hoping some of their shine rubs off on him? He seems to live by the mantra "any press is good press" so he hangs around hoping to get up-skirt shots of young women getting out of their cars. He feels its his charter in life to ensure female celebrities behave in a lady-like manner.

Thanks Perez! But perhaps before you start looking out for others you might want to start behaving in a more lady like manner yourself, lord knows you need the help.

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