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Live from the Conference Center

We’re here in Niagara Falls waiting for the start of the seven-fight “Rock Returns” card featuring former two-time world heavyweight champion Hasim Rahman fighting Shannon Miller in the 10-round main event.


The undercard is supposed to begin at 7:30 p.m. People are starting to file in. Promoter Nick Garone told us that the event pre-sold 1,000 tickets, which is pretty good.


We (myself and Marquel Slaughter) will be back to provide updates from the first bout of the night featuring Delen Parsley (2-0, 2 KOs) against Buffalo’s Andrew Jones, who’s making his debut.


We're about to begin, albeit about 40 minutes late.


Parsley vs. Jones, junior middleweights, four rounds


Andrew Jones received a decent ovation upon his introduction. He is trained by Buffalo’s own Ross Thompson.


First round


Good start for Jones, who came out and nailed Parsley with a nice three-punch combination seconds after the opening bell.


Jones was the aggressor and dictated pace. He did get caught a couple of times with nice left hooks and once with a right but got the better of his more experienced foe in the opening round.


Second round


Jones left his hands down a couple of times early in round, not a wise idea. It’s as if looking for a KO a little too soon.


Parsley outworked Jones a bit in that round and let Parsley use his head as a punching bag a bit in the final 10 seconds.


That round goes to Parsley.


Third round


Good start for Jones, who hit Parley with some nice body shots and had him trapped in corner at the start.


Jones does need to do a better job of keeping his hands up because Parsley nailed him with a couple of hard jabs. Not wise to lower defenses against foe with 2 KOs.


Parsley doing better job of boxing and outworking Jones latter half of round but Jones did nail him in the head before bell.


It’s a little close that round. Interesting to see who the judges give that one to.


Fourth round


Parsley landed some decent shots at start, Jones backed him off and almost had chance to nail Parsley when lost his balance and fell back but he never hit mat.


Jones being a little too patient, letting Parsley hit him in the head just to counter.


Toward end of round, Parsley nailed Jones a couple times with some hard shots as he takes advantage of Jones leavin his hands too low.


I’d give that round to Parsley, although Jones did finish the round strong.


Be interesting to see judges decision.


The judges scores: 39-37 by unanimous decision is Parsley.

Cecil McCalla of Randallstown, Maryland (11-0) vs. Ruben Galvan of Hammond, Indiana (27-13-4), six rounds, junior middleweights

First round

McCalla comes in as the favorite with a perfect 11-0 record. Coming out as the aggressor early on, throwing the first 20 or so punches, connecting on a few good ones to the face.

Galvan isn’t attacking at all, as he just stands there with his hands up taking in the punishment.

McCalla ended the round with another shot to the face. He easily takes the first round.

Second round

McCalla carries his first round performance early into this round.

Galvan throws a few more punches in this time around, but to no avail as most of his shots aren’t landing.

McCalla should have the second round as well.

Third round

The much younger looking McCalla seems to have the conditioning advantage, firing off again early in the third.

Galvan seems to show life as he taunted his foe midway through the round, winding up his arm as if he was about to throw a mean jab. But it was a false alarm.

McCalla should own this round as well.

Fourth round

McCalla counters Galvan’s third round taunt by beginning this round with a behind the back punch as he had him against the ropes.

It turns out to become more of a taunting match towards the end of the round as Galvan put his hands down, giving his foe free shots to face.

With Galvan actually starting to show life in this round, this may be closer than the former stages.

Fifth round

This round didn’t start out as fast and exciting as the other rounds, with McCalla appearing to get a little tired.

Both opponents landed an equal amount of shots. That round could perhaps be a draw.

Sixth round

McCalla appears to catch a second wind as he comes out of the corner firing like he did in the first couple of rounds, even attempting another behind the back punch, but didn’t connect.

He did connect on a couple of right-left combo shots to Galvan’s face, easily giving him the final round and perhaps the win.

McCalla gets the expected win, 60-54.

Hastings Bwalya from Lusaka, Zambi (3-0) vs. Matt Ellis from Milwaukee, Wisconsin (1-1), four rounds, welterweights

First round

Both fighters open the round full of energy, firing back and forth shots.

Bwalya, an Olympian in the 2008 summer games at Beijing, started to get the better of his foe, connecting on a few head shots, sending Ellis to the ropes.

Advantage should go to Bwalya.

Second round

Bwayla begins this round firing, backing Ellis into the corner.

After Ellis finds his way out of the corner, he only lands into some huge shots to the face before the ref stops the fight 1:21 into the round.

Bwayla stays undefeated with a TKO.

Lionell Thompson from Buffalo, New York (2-0) vs. Jessie Lewis from Milwaukee, Wisconsin (0-1), four rounds, light heavyweights

First round

Buffalo’s Thompson got off to a good start and never looked back, landing on multiple shots to Lewis’ face which sent him to the ropes on a few occasions. His last after being caught on the receiving end of a left cross from Thompson; send him on his knees and into the ropes for good.

Thompson stays unbeaten after a knockout just 2:48 into the bout.

Co Feature Fight: Donald Orr from Victoria, British Columbia (15-0) vs. John Mackey from Montgomery, Alabama (11-5-2), eight rounds, middleweights

First round

The opening stage started off a bit slow, with neither fighter connecting on too many punches.

Mackey seemed to be more aggressive, connecting on a left hook late in the round.

Orr was able to come back with some jabs of his own, getting Mackey’s back against the ropes.

The opening stanza was pretty even.

Second round

Macket connected with a couple of hooks to the face, easily taking the first half of the round.

Orr ended the round strong, Mackey may get the edge.

Third round

Orr became the aggressor in the third, with Mackey was able to connect on a couple of counters.

The second half of the round went pretty even until Orr, again, finished the round strong, possibly earning him the third.

Fourth round

Orr starts to come alive a bit in the fourth, connect on some left jabs that had Mackey trapped in the corner.

Mackey came back a bit towards the end of the round, ducking and swinging his way out of a round that wasn’t going his way.

In what seemed to be an even round, this was by the most exciting.

Fifth round

With Orr appearing to be more tired than his foe, the match seems to be leaning in favor of Mackey after that round.

Sixth round

With his chances of winning the match in jeopardy, Orr came out of the gate firing in the sixth.

Mackey sent a mean left jab midway through that saved him from taking some fierce hits in the corner.

But Orr caped off the round by sending a hard right hook to the face, easily giving him the round in a much needed performance.

Seventh round

It doesn’t look good for Orr, as Mackey connected on some devastating blows to Orr’s face, cutting his upper left eye, making for a blood bath in the ring.

Mackey easily takes that round

Eight round

Mackey keeps attacking his foe’s eye, but with his unbeaten streak on the line Orr tries to show some life towards the end.

But the open wound seemed too much to overcome, as Mackey just kept attacking.

After both fighters received a huge round of applause from the audience, the judges gave Mackey the 77-75 edge.


First round

After a brief charge by Miller, Raman lands some shots but just as Rahman seemingly got comfortable being the aggressor, Miller nailed Rahman with right that stunned that almost floored him. Miller pounces and has him trapped in the corner but can’t finish him.

Toward end of round, Rahman right floors Miller. Miller gets up though and takes standing eight count.

Second round

Rahman nails Miller with hard right that clearly stunned Miller, who almost went down. Rahman has him trapped along ropes for a bit but Miller holds to briefly escape the predicament.

Rahman keeps pounding him, nails him with a right and another.

Miller gets off the ropes and mounts a desperate charge but Rahman gets out of the corner and traps him there for more brief punishment.

Nails him with left jab in middle of ring and floors Miller who beats the count back to his feet.


Third round


Rahman does some jabbing, Miller hits Rahman with shot that briefly stuns him but Rahman returns to the attack using his jab.


Straight right drops Miller after a left jab. Miller gets back up though.


Miller survives to fight another round.


Third round


Rahman does some jabbing, Miller hits Rahman with shot that briefly stuns him but Rahman returns to the attack using his jab.


Straight right drops Miller after a left jab. Miller gets back up though.


Miller survives to fight another round.


Fourth round


Left jab by Rahman quickly backs off Miller.


Rahman drills Miller in back of head and gets a warning.


Rahman floors Miller with a right and the fight has been stopped by Miller’s trainer.


Rahman wins by TKO at 1:37 of fourth round.

---Miguel Rodriguez and Marquel Slaughter

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