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Duplicate Bridge

The Sectional Tournament at the Clubs ends with a silver point Swiss teams game at noon Sunday at the Airport Bridge Club. For a team, call 603-6943. The club offers triple red points all next week and holds a lesson and lunch on bids and rebids after Weak Twos at 10 a.m. Wednesday.

Bridge Club Meridian holds a workshop on Roman Key Card Blackwood at 11 a.m. Wednesday. For info, call Kathy Pollock at 688-0054.

The Whist Club game at 7:15 p.m. Monday is a club championship.

Sunday is the deadline to get tickets for the Unit 116 picnic June 27 at the Hamburg Fairgrounds. Call 649-4634.2

>Duplicate Scores

Week of June 7 to 13

ACBL Sanctioned Clubs

Airport Bridge Club Monday -- North-south, A: Mike Kisiel and Paul Ganley, 60.88%; B/C: Bill Regan and Alex Miller, 60.19%; east-west, A/B/C: Cynthia Helfman and Nadine Stein, 59.49%. Tuesday -- North-south, A: Liz Clark and Harry Cheung, 63.78%; B/C: Selina Volpatti and Adrian Figliotti, 57.41%; east-west, A/B: John Ziemer and Vince Pesce, 70.25%; C: Myra Razik and Don Grant, 43.58%. Wednesday -- North-south, A: Bev Cohen and Judi Marshall, 56.46%; B/C: Ruth Kozower and Jan Hasselback, 56.25%; east-west, A: Marian Morber and Shirley Cassety, 61.36%; B/C: Linda Wynes and Jean Sullivan, 57.95%. Thursday -- North-south, A: Jim Mathis and Bev Cohen, 62.96%; B/C: Myra Razik and Fenton Harrison, 57.20%; east-west, A/B: John Kirsits and Luke Danielson, 62.04%; C: Robert Alan Davis and Joe Rooney, 46.53%. Friday morning -- A: Paul Zittel and Joe Rooney, 68.60%; B/C: Nadine Stein and Cynthia Helfman, 53.10%. Friday afternoon -- North-south, A: Betty Lawrence and Janet Frisch, 58.73%; B: Cynthia Helfman and Nadine Stein, 54.76%; east-west, A/B: Mike Silverman and Judy Kaprove, 59.52%. Saturday -- North-south, A/B/C: Jeanette and Frank Levin, 67.16%; east-west, A: Lane Bishop and Jerry Geiger, 59.13%; B: Helen Panza and Mike Silverman, 51.54%. Sunday -- A: Cleveland Fleming and Paula Salamone, 66.55%; B: Rita Sofia and Carolyn Siracuse, 59.51%.

Bridge Center of Buffalo Monday -- North-south, A: Alice Lind and Bob Feasley, 60.5%; B: Jeanne Gladysz and Berta Brown, 54.5%; east-west, A: Fred Yellen and Bud Seidenberg, 66.5%; B: Judi Padgug and Linda Burroughsford, 55%. Tuesday -- North-south, A: Diane Lyons and Betty Metz, 58.9%; B: Roslyn Berkovitz and Rivona Ehrenreich, 58.14%; east-west, A/B: Linda Milch and Agi Maisel, 59.28%. Wednesday morning -- North-south, A/B: Fran Kurtz and Pat Burns, 61.11%; C: James Keegan and Roger Lehman, 56.48%; east-west, A: Fred Yellen and Bud Seidenberg, 56.71%; B: Joanne Kelley and Judy Graf, 53.24%. Wednesday evening -- A: Bud Seidenberg and Jay Levy, 65.83%; B/C: Warren O'Connell and Jim Reineck, 59.17%. Thursday noon -- North-south, A/B: Joe Miranda and Usha Khurana, 67.41%; east-west, A/B: Ann Coughlin and Elizabeth Young, 62.03%. Thursday evening -- North-south, A: Dan Gerstman and Rick Benstock, 59.03%; B: (tie) Penny and Peter Shui; Pat Burns and Jeanne Gladysz, 54.86%; east-west, A: Elaine Universal and Joan Rose, 65.51%; B: Gordon Crone and Linda Burroughsford, 52.87%; C: Barb Landree and Carol Bedell, 45.31%. Friday -- North-south, A/B: Claire Gareleck and Sue Bergman, 56.85%; C: Anna Edwards and Eva Schmidt, 55.65%; east-west, A/B: Fred Yellen and Donna Steffan, 59.52%; C: Judi Fischer and Pat Burns, 52.68%. Saturday -- A: Christy Kellogg and Bert Hargesheimer, 63.10%; B: Grace Lee and Ten-Pao Lee, 53.57%.

Bridge Club of East Aurora Wednesday -- North-south, A: Dan Clark and Dave Larcom, 66.04%; B/C: Ann Battaglia and Enid Sweet, 60.76%; east-west, A/B/C: Beverly Mallon and Denise Tait, 60.18%.

Bridge Club Meridian Monday -- North-south, A: Jerry Geiger and Joanne Kelley, 58.73%; B/C: Sue Neubecker and Fran Kurtz, 54.76%; east-west, A: Harry Cheung and John Ziemer, 58.93%; B: Nancy Kessler and Carlton Stone, 52.98%. Friday -- North-south, A: Jerry Geiger and Stan Kozlowski, 62.50%; B/C: Helen Panza and Adrian Figliotti, 53.87%; east-west, A: John Lewis and Dorothy Kumrow, 57.14%; B: Shirley Lyth and Harold Meyers, 52.98%; C: Ruth Wurster and Elizabeth Young, 52.68%.

Buffalo Whist Monday -- A: Meg Klamp and Bev Cohen, 68.1%; B/C: Liz Clark and Chuck Schorr, 54.7%.

Delaware Wednesday -- North-south, John Garrity and Chuck Heimerl, 62%; east-west, Robert Alan Davis and Bud Eckert, 69.64%.

Lockport Duplicate Tuesday -- A: Kathryn Fenn and Jim Madan, 64.8%; B: Roger Lehman and James Keegan, 63.6%. Saturday -- A: Bob Lederhouse and Marge Schomers, 58.3%; B: (tie) Beena and Madhov Deshmukh, Elve Johnston and Kathryn Fenn, 53.5%.


Other clubs

ABA Humboldt -- Doanne Jackson and Pam Murphy, 64%; David Mathis and Shirley Thompson, 56%. Amherst Sr. Center Monday -- North-south, Chuck Heimerl and Sam Grossman, 64%; east-west, Dave Stroud and Raj Puri, 60%. Thursday -- North-south, Chuck Heimerl and Anne O'Connor, 66%; east-west, Dan Blatz and Maryann Urbanski, 58%. Canterbury Woods -- North-south, Howard Strauss and Helen Neubert, 62.4%; east-west, Sallie Steele and Ruth Killeen, 63.3%. Clarence Sr. Center -- North-south, Pawan Matta and Bill Rogers, 63%; east-west, Carol Neuhaus and Marc Sobkiewicz, 57%. Hamburg Sr. Duplicate -- Merton and Colleen Haynes, 64.58%; Alan and Patricia Tanner, 62.58%. Tonawanda Sr. Center -- North-south, JoAnne Zavarella and Margaret Rivard, 63%; east-west, Gladys Eberle and Carmella Losi, 64%.

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