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The daily dish ...

Married in a mansion ...

Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart have tied the knot -- in a wedding presided over by New Mexico's governor.

Gov. Bill Richardson confirmed to The Associated Press on Wednesday that the couple were married at the governor's mansion in Santa Fe.

Ford's publicist, Ina Treciokas, confirmed the nuptials.

The governor and his staff were tightlipped about details of the ceremony, saying it was "a private matter."

Ford and Flockhart's marriage was first reported by celebrity Web site


Charged with kidnapping ...

A man has been arrested for allegedly kidnapping actor Jeremy London and forcing him to use drugs, police said Thursday.

A statement from Palm Springs police said London, who appeared on TV's "7th Heaven" and "Party of Five," was kidnapped while changing a flat tire on June 10.

The actor told police that several men helped him and he offered them a ride home. Police said one man later pulled a gun, forced London to drive around, buy alcohol and take drugs.

London, 37, said he escaped but his car was stolen. Police later found it and on June 11 arrested Brandon Adams of Palm Springs.

Adams, 26, has been charged with kidnapping and other crimes and remains jailed.


The secret is out ...

Michael Frank, a North Tonawanda warehouse worker, substitute teacher and bartender, won $50,000 on "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?," which was televised Thursday afternoon on WNLO.

Frank works full-time at Erie Logistics in Buffalo, and on his days off works as a substitute teacher in North Tonawanda and Ken-Ton. He also tends bar at Dwyer's Pub on Webster Street in North Tonawanda two nights a week.

Reached by phone a few minutes after the show aired, Frank was both excited and relieved to be able to share the secret he'd had to keep for seven months. His wife, Kelly, was in the audience when the show was taped, right before Thanksgiving, so she was also sworn to secrecy.

"They don't pay you until after it airs, to make sure you don't tell anybody," he says.

Frank watched the show at home Thursday afternoon with his parents, Michael and Patricia of North Tonawanda. Because his daughter, Allie Frank, 18, and stepson, Ryan Cartwright, 15, had exams Thursday, the family taped the show for them.

Thursday night the Franks gathered with other relatives and friends to watch the show at Dwyer's. "We're going to replay it and everybody is going to have a good time watching it," he says. And he won't be serving drinks, he says. "I'm going to be on the other side of the bar for once."

On the show, hosted by Meredith Viera, Frank had used all his lifelines when faced with the $100,000 question. It asked whether Warfarin, a commonly prescribed blood thinner, was originally developed as a garden fertilizer, antifreeze, rat poison or metal cleaner. He chose to drop out with his $50,000, rather than make a wrong guess and walk away with $25,000. The correct answer is rat poison.

"When you're sitting at home and you are 80 percent sure you know what it is, you have to realize that when you have that money in the balance you don't want to go with 80 percent," Frank says.

-- Anne Neville


Winning a Tony ...

Longtime Shea's presenter and "La Cage Aux Folles" producer Albert Nocciolino won a Tony Award on Sunday with the Broadway cast for Best Revival of a Musical.

Nocciolino, who is also president of the Broadway Theatre League and co-founder of the Independent Presenters Network, recently received a local Arties Award for "Outstanding Contribution by a Visiting Artist."

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