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Juggling the jobs of June

May was hardly mellow, but June is just bursting with questions many to which the only answer is "wait and see."

Take exams. No, let me rephrase that. It has been many years since I had to take exams, but I certainly recall that unnerving feeling of not knowing what would be on a final.

Sure, the teacher might review specific areas and skip over some others -- hint, hint, hint. Or even offer some practice tests.

But until an exam was in front of you, all you could do was study, anticipate and tap your No. 2 pencil repeatedly on the desk.

Parents of younger children have their own share of questions this time of year.

Who will meet the bus on early-dismissal days? What about a teacher gift? What's the deadline for summer camp registration?

And what do you do with all that stuff that just came home from school and now covers the kitchen table?

June is a busy, odd, topsy-turvy sort of month. For families, it marks an ending (school year) and a beginning (summer vacation).

It's also a month for celebrations for many, which brings up a whole new crop of questions.

What do you do with 40 guests if rain washes out the First Communion, Father's Day or graduation party planned for your backyard?

What do you give a high school graduate these days? Gift? Check? And for how much?

How long will it be until your college graduate finds a job? Any job?

And will people really remember you wore that same pink jacket to your other niece's wedding last summer?


A cousin of mine e-mailed me this week. The mother of two was filling out her master summer calendar -- sounds scary, doesn't it? -- and had a couple questions for me regarding dates and times for an event involving our girls.

That's because June is filled with questions about dates and times. Last day of school? First day of camp? Times for cello lessons?

I gave her the answer, but right now I also have 12:15 p.m., June 23 and July 5 on my mind -- and on my own calendar (which pales in comparison to my cousin's master summer calendar, I am sure).

And that's not all. In June, amateur gardeners question whether they planted the right shrub in the right spot. Grandparents wonder what they're going to do with the grandkids on their two-week visit. Spouses debate whether it's hot enough to turn on the air-conditioner.

Trip-planners must resolve their own dilemmas. Who will water the plants? Feed the fish? Check on the house?

And speaking of vacations, will last year's swimsuit still fit? How about those white capri pants?

Sure, things might settle down and settle in come July. They really might. But beware of mid-August, I have learned.

That's when kids start checking the mailbox daily for letters from their schools. Who will their new teachers be? Who will be in their classes?

And when -- oh when -- can they go shopping for new school supplies?

My head is spinning just thinking about it.


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