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Interpol's 'Secret'

The bad news first.

Interpol bassist Carlos Dengler recently announced that he has left the band, following the completion of the band's new album -- to be called, shockingly, "Interpol".

On the sunny side of Interpol affairs, one of the finest outfits among the New York City-based band's peer group -- the Secret Machines -- has farmed out keyboardist/bassist/vocalist Brandon Curtis as a stop-gap in the still-unfolding Interpol saga. Curtis, you may or may not know, is, well, totally awesome. He's led the Secret Machines through several albums of uber-hip, Zeppelin-meets-Flaming Lips "space rock," and his addition to the post-punk, Joy Division-like Interpol is likely to add a few shades of color and much in the way of texture to the proceedings.

Which means that, when Interpol arrives for an 8 p.m. show at the Town Ballroom on Tuesday, we'll be treated to both a new band lineup and a new batch of songs. Sounds like a win-win situation to me.

Tickets are $30 (box office,

-- Jeff Miers

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