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Art of war

There has rarely been a time in the last century when significant portions of the globe have not been embroiled in some kind of armed conflict. War is so familiar, so commonplace, that it has lost its meaning for many who live in relatively peaceful regions like the United States.

As a ubiquitous phenomenon but almost constant misunderstanding, war has served as fodder for countless artists through the years. But the conflicts of today are vastly different from those of 50 or more years ago, and so a new crop of artists has arisen to explore the many nuances and manifestations of modern warfare, and to create their own interpretations for a new generation of viewers.

Several of these artists will be featured in what is perhaps the most ambitious international exhibition in the history of CEPA Gallery. "Art of War," which opens on Saturday, will feature installations of recent work by Martha Rosler, Walid Ra'ad, Trevor Paglen, Tom Nicholson, Carlos Motta, Daniel Joseph Martinez and the team of Chitra Ganesh and Miriam Ghani.

The exhibition is largely centered in CEPA Gallery's multifloor headquarters in the Market Arcade Building (617 Main St.). It will also feature a performance piece by David Butler and Amy Taravella, a theater piece produced by Toronto-based Modest Productions, both in August, and an experimental musical composition by Keir Neuringer in July.

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-- Colin Dabkowski

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