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Trivia Quiz

1. Where is the arena described as "a palace built for cows"?

2. Name the 20th century U.S. president who wrote the book "Keeping Faith."

3. Who painted pictures in a series called "The Rake's Progress"?

4. In troy weight, how many ounces equal one pound?

5. What is the source of ambergris, used in perfumes?

6. Does a shrimp have six, eight or 10 legs?

7. In mathematics, what is indicated by the exponent?

8. "EMG" is an abbreviation for what word?

9. If something is germane, it is

10. What was the first state after the original 13 to join the Union?



1. San Francisco. The Cow Palace was built in 1936.

2. Jimmy Carter.

3. William Hogarth.

4. Twelve ounces.

5. Sperm whales.

6. The shrimp has 10 legs, which are jointed.

7. The power to which a base number is to be raised.

8. "Electromyogram."

9. Relevant or pertinent.

10. Vermont was the 14th state to enter the Union, in March 1791.

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