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Teens express themselves through music and art

When starting high school, teens try to find where they belong. There are many ways to get involved in school, and music and art -- whether in class, in a club or if it's just a hobby -- are just a couple of ways students can express themselves.

All teens are touched in some way by music and art, whether they are involved in chorus, band or art and music classes in school. Some students may be involved in music at home, or may just enjoy listening to different types of music, while some may love to draw and paint in their spare time.

"Music is important in people's lives. It helps let out their emotions," said Monica Zeisz, a freshman band student at Depew High School.

Music can help teens find their talent, whether it be instrumental, vocal or writing.

"It gives me a creative outlet and a way to express myself," said Tiffany Bassett, a freshman at Depew High School and a member of the school chorus. "It definitely makes me feel more confident in myself."

Music can affect how teenagers look at life and their personalities. Being involved in chorus and band at school can make teens more comfortable sharing their talent with others.
"[Chorus] made me more open and much more involved in a lot of different ways," said Ryan Koller, a sophomore at Depew High School.

Monica said, "I have made a lot of friends who, too, are in band, and I am also more outgoing in school and in the music department."

"It affects my emotions positively. It gives me inspiration to be more than just the average teenager," Tiffany said.

Art is yet another way for teens to show who they are and what they love. Art is expressive and has no boundaries.

"Art affects teens because it gives them a way to express themselves without being judged. It's also a lot of fun, and helps people think creatively in everyday situations," said Depew freshman Vicki Williams.

Art keeps the mind working in many different ways. It allows people to create whatever comes to mind. The end product that they create can express what they're feeling, or their thoughts toward something, or how they see something from their point of view.

"Art affects me by making me a lot calmer and less likely to explode. If someone makes me mad, I'll draw an angry picture of them -- my own personal therapy," said Vicki. "It also helps me be more self-confident, when I look at the work I did in the past and compare it to the stuff I'm working on now, it's just a really good feeling. Also, when I draw something that looks really close to the reference, it makes me feel accomplished."

Music and art allow teenagers to find their personalities and provide a way for them to show people who they are.

Hannah Gullo is a freshman at Depew High School.

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