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"Woods Runner" by Gary Paulsen; Wendy Lamb Books, 176 pages ($15.99)

Samuel is only 13, but he's skilled at hunting and tracking and his parents rely on him for the hard work of survival in their cabin on the edge of the wilderness in the British Colony of Pennsylvania in 1776. Word comes that the colonists have attacked the British far away, but the war swiftly arrives on their doorstep and his parents are taken prisoner. Samuel must use all his skills as he tries to save them.

Nobody writes survival stories better than "Hatchet" author Gary Paulsen, and here he offers a vivid picture of the bloody reality of the American Revolution, including the harsh treatment endured by American prisoners and the large number of "civilian" casualties. Short notes between each chapter fill the reader in about frontier life and other historical details.

-- Jean Westmoore



Tifft Nature Preserve will hold its Spring Egg-stravaganza, a celebration of animals that hatch from eggs, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Friday at 1200 Fuhrmann Blvd. Events include coloring eggs, crafts, stories and more. Cost is $7 for nonmembers; children under 3 are free. For information, call 825-6397.



Why were the clothespins arrested?

For holding up a pair of pants.

-- McClatchy Newspapers

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