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Is is OK for girls to ask boys on dates?

Dear My Two Cents:

Is it OK for girls to ask boys out? Like on a date? Here is why I want to know what you think: My mom says that when she was younger the boys had to ask the girls out, and my mom thinks it should still be that way. My girlfriends have asked boys on dates and to dances, so I don't see what the problem is. Who is right? Thank you for answering my question!

Missy, Buffalo

Tay: I will admit, it's much easier on the girl if the boy asks her out. Think about how the boy feels, though. He doesn't know if you like him, and I bet you don't like the agonizing anticipation where the constant "Does he like me? What if he thinks I'm not interested?" type questions come into play. If you really like a boy and you're sick of sitting around waiting for him to make his move, then ask him, if you really want to go out with him. This IS a new era, anyway.

Mom: Call me old-fashioned (nothing Taylor hasn't said before!), but there is still a lot to be said for some of the traditional forms of courtship whereby the boy initiates the first date and the girl retains the right of acceptance or refusal. As you have noted, times have changed. A note of caution here: With this reversal of roles, beware that you must be the one prepared to face potential rejection.

My Two Cents is written by Taylor Watson, a senior at Lancaster High School, and her mother, Deb Skok Watson, a school counselor/social worker at Hopevale School District. To get your questions answered, e-mail

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