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Health experts reveal sugar amounts in soda

Sugar BUFFALO -- It's well known that soft drinks pack a lot of sugar, but just how much is "a lot?"

Try 20 teaspoons in a 24 oz. Pepsi and even eight teaspoons in a bottle of Vitamin Water. 

That point was hammered home to East High School students this morning in a demonstration sponsored by Independent Health and Upstate New York Transplant Services.

"The average adult is supposed to have 2000 calories each day and a lot of these children are consuming a lot of empty calories in the drinks that they're choosing," said Carrie Meyer, executive director of the Independent Health Foundation.

Meyer had students pour into a cup the number of teaspoons of sugar they thought was in each beverage. Many students guessed on the low-end with three or four teaspoons.

"Students are amazed to find that half the cup is full of sugar," she said.

Students also signed a pledge to be fit and make healthy eating choices.

Limiting intake of sugary drinks helps avoid the onset of Type 2 diabetes and childhood obesity, Meyer said.

Watch Carrie Meyer give students the "sugar test"

--Joseph Popiolkowski

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