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Urban Strife

Tim Tebow is visiting Buffalo today. I figured football fans might be interested in this column by Mark Kriegel of FOX,  Kriegel takes Florida coach Urban Meyer to task for berating an Orlando reporter who wrote a piece in which a Gators receiver criticized Tebow's quarterbacking style.

Kriegel is right. This is a classic example of a big-time college coach who has so much power he thinks he can intimidate reporters and threaten to bar them from practice. The quote was accurate. Tebow is a big boy who has been treated like some kind of saint at Florida. He's not above some honest criticism by a former teammate.

College coaches are the most self-righteous characters in sports. I think it stems from the basic contradiction of their jobs: The notion that they're coaching an amateur sport when they pocket millions, while the players they recruit are unpaid (all right, except for the free ride to college). It's the coaches' latent guilt, and their need to feel honorable about the whole corrupt enterprise, that makes them overreact to criticism of their poor boys. Hey, they're basically father-figures to these players, as Meyer suggests when he tells the writer they'd be fighting if it had been his kid.

Yes, they're rich, sensitive and they're tough as hell, too! What sniveling newspaper reporter would dare take on a coaching giant like Urban Meyer?

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