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The Grammar Guru

"Are we all ready to go?!" hollered the chief flamingo. He had to holler because there were thousands of flamingos in the flock.

"For heaven's sake," muttered a flamingo nearby, "let's move already. I've been ready for hours."

"Everything with you is a complaint," said his wife. "Stop complaining already."

The chief flamingo hollered, "Get set to spread your wings!"

A flamingo way back lifted off, flew front, and landed beside the chief flamingo. "Are we all ready to go?" he said. "I couldn't hear a word you said."

"Yes! We're all ready! Why don't you pay attention?!"

"Hey, don't blame me if you've got a girlie voice!"

"Ma, Freddie wants to fly beside me, but I already told Frankie he could. What should I do?" a young flamingo asked her mom.

"Tell Freddie to fly on your left and Frankie, on your right."

"But they don't want to do that."

A male flamingo passed by, telling his mate, "I told you I already made a dinner reservation. Why don't you stop bothering me?!"

And so it went, until the chief flamingo cried, "Go!", and the flock tucked its gripes under its wings and took to the air.

Remember: already = before now

all ready = set to go, prepared



1) "You don't have to buy me a birthday present," Nina told Noah, airily. "I knew you'd forget, so I (already/all ready) bought myself one."

2) Noah was (already/all ready) to let Nina have it, when he accidentally swallowed his gum and couldn't speak.

3) Nina waited for Noah to explode. When he didn't, she said, "Did you hear what I said? I (already/all ready) bought myself a birthday present from you!"



1) already (Nina and Noah had been married a long time.)

2) all ready (Surprised by Noah's silence, Nina scowled.)

3) already (Noah took another piece of gum and suppressed a grin. Finally, he'd found a foolproof way to chew her out!)

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