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Afternoon update: Mar. 28, 2010

In less than one week we should be enjoying 70 degree weather, according to the National Weather Service. But we'll have to endure a few rain showers before then. Expect light rain and scattered showers today and tomorrow, with a chance of rain Tuesday. Wednesday through Saturday you might just be able to put away those winter coats though, as the sunshine brings us up into the 60s and 70s.

In other news:

It's Palm Sunday, and Christians worldwide are taking the day to recognize Jesus Christ's entry into Jerusalem. Buffalo celebrated this morning as Bishop Edward U. Kmiec presided over services at St. Joseph Cathedral.

A deep recession and huge cuts in state aid have district negotiators doing the basic math that dominates life in the private sector. If your business is awash in red, slash your biggest costs — employee payrolls.

Big wins at the bargaining table used to be the norm for the region's public school teachers, no matter how bad the economy was or how much those victories pained taxpayers. Not anymore. Read more from the News' Niki Cervantes here.

Slowly over the next four years, health care reform in America will move from rhetoric to reality — and virtually every American will feel the change. See the different faces of health care reform here, where the News takes a look at how health-care reform will affect five Western New Yorkers.

News Sports Reporter John Vogl recaps the Sabres playoff clinching win last night over the Tampa Bay Lightning at HSBC Arena. 

For five years, University at Buffalo student Dan Bishop had worked toward becoming a champion in college wrestling, and on March 6 he had reached the finals in the Mid-American Conference Tournament at Central Michigan. Now, if only he could move his arms and legs.

In the middle of his match, Bishop was thrown on his head, pinching a nerve near his shoulder and temporarily lose feeling in his arms. Today, three weeks later, Bishop says he's "still kicking." More on Bishop and his road to recovery from the News' Bucky Gleason in his story, UB's Bishop wrestles with toughest opponent.

---Lauren Nicole Mariacher

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