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'Tea party' activists rail against government

Picture 3 DOWNTOWN BUFFALO - With Howard Beale's "mad as hell" speech from the 1970s movie "Network" as their refrain, hundreds of people aligned with the "tea party" movement who said they're disgusted with state and federal government rallied this afternoon at the Commercial Slip on the downtown waterfront. News Political Reporter Robert J. McCarthy has a full report. News Photographer Harry Scull Jr. has a photo gallery.

Joined by Carl P. Paladino — a Buffalo developer who said he will announce his candidacy for governor on April 5 — the crowd specifically took aim at the health care overhaul recently passed by the Democratic-controlled Congress.

Paladino presented a letter he wrote to New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo after the bill passed calling for Cuomo to fight the bill's mandate that people buy health insurance.

"Please do your duty for the people and join other Attorneys General in filing suit to halt this destructive, unconstitutional legislation before it does irreparable harm to our already depressed economy," the letter read in part.

Hear most of Paladino's remarks:

Many of the "tea party activists" brought homemade signs that conveyed their disdain for politicians in Albany and Washington D.C.

Amy Parker of Lancaster brought a sign that read "Don't Steal. Albany Hates Competition." She was waiting in line to sign Paladino's letter and said she was there to "take back New York State to the people. We deserve it. We've had enough and we're not gonna take it anymore," she said.

Picture 4  Dave Carlin of Elma brought his 11-year-old son James to the event. They held a sign that read, "In New York State we are no longer governed. We are ruled over."

"It's basically saying that we no longer have our liberties and government is starting to rule us instead of us ruling the government," he said.

And a Boston nurse who gave her name as Gayle said told a reporter she was "mad as hell and I'm not gonna take it anymore."

"I'm mad that they don't listen to the people, number one," she said. "Surely the people have spoken as far as the health care bill. And they're going ahead not listening to the people and jamming it through."

--Joseph Popiolkowski

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