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Passing health care law brings out the crazies

What is going on in this country? I sometimes wonder if people are really paying attention. There were no death threats when our past president invaded Iraq based on fabricated evidence of weapons of mass destruction. There was no uproar about the loss of thousands of young American lives or the thousands of wounded and disabled veterans. There has been no uproar about the hundreds of billions of dollars spent fighting a war.

But pass legislation that allows health care for all Americans and out come the crazies! We are the last developed nation on the planet to have a health care plan for our citizens. I don't believe I have ever seen members of Congress standing on the balcony of the Capitol riling up the people against spending money for war.

To top it off, our elected representatives clearly don't vote based on what the citizens want or even based on their own thought processes. They vote the way they are told to vote by their party. The Republicans voted unanimously against health care reform. Clearly, if these were thinking, responsible representatives of the people, there would have been at least some who voted in favor of the bill. It's time for an end to partisan politics. We need representatives who vote based on what is best for the country.

Harry Schultz



Congress must work to repeal legislation

Remember when former President George W. Bush was criticized for being arrogant and unilateral? Remember when Karl Rove was condemned for his divisive "50 1" strategy for victory?

Well, look at how the Democrats are behaving: They have just pushed through a massive health care bill with no Republican support and in direct opposition to the public will. They did it with a bare minimum of votes that they got through lies, bribes and bullying.

Unless they are deluded, they know that this will not in fact cover everyone. They know that it will cost more than projected, and increase the deficit rather than reduce it.

But they were determined to change the nature of our society. It seems they want us to be another effete European-style welfare state. They did it to change the dynamic of every election going forward, so that every public debate will be about who will give you more health care. They want every citizen to be more dependent on government, afraid of anyone proposing to make government smaller.

This needs to be repealed, and anyone who voted for it needs to be removed from office, so that we can get our society back to what America is supposed to be.

Matthew Bartle



Republicans don't speak for majority of Americans

Oh good! Rep. Randy Neugebauer is speaking up for the unborn by voting against the health reform bill and shouting "baby killer." Too bad he does not speak up for the already born and instead votes to send our young soldiers to Iraq and Afghanistan to die. He's not so much pro-life as pro-birth (and then forget about them). While I'm on my soap box, please, GOP members, stop telling us what most Americans want. You no longer speak for most Americans since 53 percent of us voted for President Obama. When you are doing everything and anything you can to undermine his presidency while our country is at war, you come close to treasonous behavior.

Inge Riches

East Amherst


Tactics make mockery of democratic process

Lies, deceit, threats, bribery, coercion, character assassination, false promises, double dealing, reckless financial manipulation -- the twisted plot from a cheap dime-store detective novel?

Not quite, just another sordid commentary on "business as usual" within the U.S congressional legislative process.

Is it any wonder that public trust has been stretched to the limit and government credibility is nothing more than a cruel joke?

Shame on those who make a mockery of our democratic process.

Ray Pauley

Grand Island


Loss of civility is a sad commentary

What is happening to our civility and sensibility in this country? I will not discuss, yea or nay, the passing of the health care bill. But I will address the absolute anger, fear mongering and outright threats of the opposition of this bill.

Some are shouting "baby killer" and the "N" word, making threats, inciting violence and throwing bricks through office windows with threats tied to them. And instead of the politicians condemning this abhorrent behavior, they are inciting the public.

This country was based and formed on people working together to an end. Formation of a country that is based on freedom. Now we are so divided that one side threatens the other with violence because it did not get its way. A sad commentary on these times. Let's hope common sense is the rule, not scare tactics.

John T. Swarbrick

Orchard Park


Remove Statue of Liberty, replace it with Santa Claus

It is clear, after listening to one American describe the newly signed health care law as "it's just going to be like Christmas," that we should take down the Statue of Liberty and replace it with Santa Claus. The new motto of Santa Claus Liberty should be, "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to open Christmas presents all year-round."

America has become a nation of perpetual children looking for the next visit from our Santa Claus politicians bearing goodwill and tidings of great joy while passing out presents paid for with taxpayer money. In fact, the motto on our money should read "In Santa We Trust" to reflect the joyous anticipation of receiving even more presents from our Santa Claus politicians.

Liberty is no longer an ideal to cherish in and of itself as a gateway to prosperity, but a means to an end in demanding more presents from politicians.

Matthew R. Powenski



Republicans should stop acting like sore losers

Republican members of Congress precede all remarks about health care reform with a blanket statement about what the American people want them to do. To my recollection, the only candidate who ran nationwide with the promise of health care reform was President Obama, and we know how that election turned out.

I can't speak with certainty about what the American people want, but I do believe Americans hate a sore loser and I predict as Republican polling taps into this American truism, their collective ideological purity will soon take a back seat to their desire to be re-elected.

Larry S. Fallon

West Seneca

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