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Duplicate Bridge

April is ACBL Charity month and both the Bridge Center of Buffalo and the Airport Bridge Club hold Charity Fund games at every session, awarding triple points at all games.

The Delaware Wednesday club will not meet next week.

Unit 116 holds its Spring Sectional Tournament April 16 to 18 in the Knights of Columbus Hall, 2735 Union Road, Cheektowaga. For info, call John Toy at 885-5364 or e-mail

Duplicate Scores / Week of March 15 to 21

ACBL Sanctioned Clubs

Airport Bridge Club Monday morning -- Howell. A: Allen Beroza and Jerry Geiger, 68.06%; B: Dorothy May and Dale Anderson, 63.19%; C: Joe Rooney and Bill Boardman, 54.86%; Ross Markello and Ginny Panaro, 50%.

Airport Bridge Club Tuesday morning -- North-south, A: Wilson McClaren and Allen Beroza, 64.31%; B: Helen Panza and Dale Anderson, 57.78%; C: Mary Terrana and Patricia Lakeman, 48.73%;east-west, A: Harry Cheung and Vince Pesce, 58.84%; B: John Kirsits and Gene Finton, 55.15%; C: Joe Rooney and Paul Zittel, 51.25%.

Airport Bridge Club Wednesday morning -- North-south, A: Luke Danielson and Judie Bailey, 60.05%; B: Ginny Panaro and Carl Stone, 54.29%; C: Jean Sullivan and Linda Wynes, 51.94%;east-west, A: Nita Ferrell and Carolyn Siracuse, 60.54%; B: Celine Murray and Dale Anderson, 56.54%; C: Paula Salamone and Isabelle Banas, 50.3%.

Airport Bridge Club Thursday morning -- North-south, A: Beverly Cohen and Judi Marshall, 62.04%; B: Barbara Sadkin and Dale Anderson, 55.09%; C: Tova Reinhorn and Marietta Kalman, 42.36%; east-west, A: Shirley Cassety and Rosemary Richert, 61.34%; B: Nancy Kessler and Carl Stone, 49.31%; C: Barbara Multerer and Art Schumacher, 48.84%.

Airport Bridge Club Friday morning -- Howell. A: Jerry Geiger and Beverly Cohen, 62.08%; Vince Pesce and Luke Danielson, 61.25%; B: Florence Notto and Dorothy May, 59.17%; Judy Kaprove and Mike Silverman, 56.67%; C: Pawan Matta and Paula Salamone, 51.67%; Jean Sullivan and Bill Boardman, 47.92%.

Airport Bridge Club Saturday morning -- North-south, A/B: Fenton Harrison and Dale Anderson, 56.34%; C: Bill Boardman and Marie Suprinick, 53.56%; east-west, A: Robert Alan Davis and Cleveland Fleming, 63.25%; B: Helen Panza and Mike Silverman, 50.94%; C: Carl McMurtry and David Whitt, 47.04%.

Airport Bridge Club Sunday afternoon -- Howell. A/B/C: Carl and Jan Hasselback, 63.89%; Dorothy May and Dale Anderson, 59.03%.

B&P Duplicate Monday morning -- North-south, A: Margaret Schomers and Bill Rieker, 52.50%; B: Richard Czarnecki and Mercede Reinbolt, 51.67%; east-west, A: Eileen Karnofsky and Harold Meyers, 62.50%; B: Robert Alan Davis and John Lewis, 55.03%.

B&P Duplicate Friday morning -- Howell, A: Sue Neubecker and Jim Mathis, 62.50%; B: Dorothy and Edward Rupp, 58.33%.

Bridge Club of East Aurora Wednesday -- Howell. Dave and Jane Larcom, 63.19%; Joanne Lafay and John Fiegl, 62.5%; Ruth Huppuch and Denise Mattingly, 59.3%; Betty Colby and Shirley Philipps, 49.3%.

Buffalo Whist Monday -- Howell. A/B: Liz Clark and Bob Feasley, 59.38%; C: Guy Puccio and Pat Rogers, 51.05%.

Delaware Wednesday -- North-south, Mary and Ann O'Connor, 60.14%; east-west, Henry Chudy and Gabe Tannenbaum, 68.5%.

Lockport Duplicate Tuesday evening -- North-south, A: John Meindl and Connie Wilson, 66.3%; B/C: Mercedes Reinbolt and Jim Madan, 51.6%; east-west, A: Roy Crocker and John Lewis, 61.3%; B: Kathryn Fenn and Marge Schomers, 60.1%; C: Terry and Paul Ganley, 57.3%.

Lockport Duplicate Saturday afternoon -- Howell. A: Bernie and Dick Czarnecki, 65.1%; B: Miriam Regnet and Roy Crocker, 62.5%; C: Kathryn Fenn and Sushil Amlani, 58.3%.

Other clubs

ABA Humboldt Bridge Club -- Howell. David Mathis and Shirley Thompson, 54%; Donna Lawton and Alice Bragg, 52%.

Amherst Senior Center Monday afternoon -- North-south, Lois Merritt and Carol Sagraves, 65%; Chuck Heimerl and Marion Morber, 64%; east-west, Karen Synor and George Mayers, 59%; Marie Wagner and Martin Schaus, 52%.

Amherst Senior Center Thursday morning -- North-south, Joe Day and Lorey Repicci, 56%; east-west, Peg Gorham and George Mayer, 60%.

Canterbury Woods Duplicate Wednesday -- North-south, Dee Schaeffer and Lil Ungerleider, 57.7%; (tie) Fritzie Schmitt and Helen Sfeir, Bernice Baker and Ruth Killeen, 54.5%; east-west, Mary Blanchard and Ruth Williams, 72.3%; Irwin Brock and Betty Kittinger, 56.5%.

Clarence Senior Center Thursday -- North-south, Carol Neuhaus and Marc Sobkiewicz, 59%; east-west, Marge Geyer and Stan Kozlowski, 55%.

College Club Duplicate Wednesday -- Howell. (tie) Carla Bernhardt and Carolann Besch, Judy Danforth and Mary O'Connor, 62.5%; Marjorie Gardner and Betty Loucks, 54.86%.

Friday Dupliclub -- Howell. Al Kerr and Ethel Schippnick, 60%; Frank and Sue Riccio, 59%.

Town of Tonawanda Senior Center -- North-south, Ruth Elliot and John Wolf, 56%; east-west, Lou Lombardi and Marie Lanza, 64%.

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