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An Horse, of course

Don't call An Horse Australia's answer to the White Stripes. You don't need to -- I just did!

In truth, such comparisons are unfair, since they don't go beyond the surface similarities. Like the Stripes, An Horse is a male-female duo capable of generating a considerable racket with only one guitar, a drum kit, and singing to help them along. But Kate Cooper and Damon Cox have little in common with the caterwauling of Meg and Jack; the pair's indie-pop is far more ruminative, its manipulation of heavy/light dynamics significantly more subdued.

Long championed by indie duo Tegan & Sara, An Horse takes a break from its Canadian tour with that band to stop by Soundlab for a headlining gig on Monday at 9 p.m. Buffalo's own Here Come the Comets will open. Admission at the door will be $10.


Apocalypse later

Jedi Mind Tricks conjures a strain of hip-hop that is pretty much just plain terrifying, though not for the usual reasons involving violence, misogyny and the like. The trio of MCs summons the dread based solely on the power of its rhymes and the decidely apocalyptic nature of its world-view. Some 10 years into its career, the Jedis have become of paragon of East Coast underground hip-hop, and their show inside Mohawk Place on Saturday at 9 p.m. should be viewed as a victory of sorts for local connoisseurs of hipster rap.


How Low can you go?

Buffalo's the Stay Lows have completed an excellent new full-length disc, dubbed it "Signature Bridge," wrapped it up in some tres-cool artwork, and made all the necessary arrangements to honor its birth. The band will celebrate with a release party inside Mohawk Place this evening, beginning at 8, and carrying on well past the hour when good sense finally realizes you don't plan on going home to bed and gives up on you.

Admission at the door for the show -- which will also feature sets from Wooden Waves, Pennsylvania & Gold, and DJs Dan-O and Kel -- will be $8. That cover also guarantees you a copy of "Signature Bridge," gratis.

If you'd like to check out some of the music -- and you should -- find some songs streaming at