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1. Geomorphis pertains to the shape of what body?

2. What was Louis Armstrong's best-known nickname?

3. A calculus in one's kidneys is better known as a . . .

4. What is linked by the Golden Gate Bridge in California?

5. Within five feet, how far is the distance between pitcher and batter in softball? Provide the distance for either men or women, which are eight feet apart from each other.

6. Putting something in the circular file means to place it where?

7. Nobel Prizes are named after Alfred Nobel, a scientist from what nation in Europe.

8. In what state was the 1862 Battle of Shiloh?

9. What time is it in Chicago when it is noon in Detroit?

10. The Seven Hills of Rome refers to seven low hills on the east bank of what river?



1. The earth.

2. "Satchmo."

3. Stone.

4. San Francisco and that city's northern suburbs.

5. It is 43 feet for men and 35 feet for women.

6. In the wastebasket.

7. Sweden.

8. Tennessee.

9. 11 a.m.

10. Tiber River.

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