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Runaway train cars hit port terminal, killing 3

OSLO (AP) -- Sixteen runaway train cars careened downhill for three miles and crashed into a port building Wednesday, killing three workers, before two of the cars plunged into the water.

The empty train cars broke loose from a cargo train and slammed into the port terminal on the edge of the Oslo fiord, destroying the building, police and railroad officials said.

The victims had been working in or around the terminal, police spokeswoman Martine Laeng said. A worker initially reported missing was later confirmed as one of three people reported injured.

It was not immediately clear how the train cars became detached. Authorities said they started rolling from a rail yard in eastern Oslo and accelerated as they moved toward the industrial port, about three miles down the tracks.

"They were going much faster than they usually do, so we realized something was wrong," worker Vegar Halveg told the Associated Press, estimating their speed at more than 62 mph. "The last car was practically airborne."


Death probe reopened for daughter of Bassey

LONDON (AP) -- British police have reopened their investigation into the 1985 death of singer Shirley Bassey's daughter after detectives received new information that suggested she might have been murdered, they said this week.

The body of Samantha Novak was found facedown in a river near a 250-foot suspension bridge 25 years ago in the southwestern city of Bristol. A coroner's report said the 21-year-old tumbled off the riverbank after a night out with friends.

Avon and Somerset police said Wednesday that detectives are making fresh inquiries into the case after the mother of Penny Beale -- who was killed by her partner Michael Moffat in 2001 -- told police that her daughter had said Moffat was involved in Novak's death.

Moffat, 47, was imprisoned for 11 years for brutally murdering Beale in East Sussex. Bassey, 73, has maintained that Novak's death was not an accident or a suicide.

The Welsh singer is best known for the theme songs to several James Bond movies, including "Goldfinger" and "Diamonds Are Forever."


Bishop's exit affirmed in coverup of molesting

DUBLIN (AP) -- Pope Benedict XVI accepted the resignation of an Irish bishop on Wednesday for his failure to report child-molesting priests to police.

Bishop John Magee -- who served as secretary to Benedict's three papal predecessors before returning to Ireland in 1987 -- apologized to victims of any pedophile priests who were kept in parish posts during his 23 years overseeing the southwestern Diocese of Cloyne.

"To those whom I have failed in any way, or through any omission of mine have made suffer, I beg forgiveness and pardon," Magee, 73, said in his resignation statement.


Stalin posters OK'd for WWII observance

MOSCOW (AP) -- Posters of Josef Stalin may be put up in Moscow for the first time in decades as part of the May 9 observance of Victory Day, the annual celebration of the defeat of Nazi Germany.

This year, the 65th anniversary of Germany's defeat, a contingent of U.S. troops is expected to march in Red Square, a striking sign of vaunted "reset" of American-Russian relations.

But city authorities may be preparing a less-welcome kind of reset with the posters, an honor denied since the Soviet dictator's crimes were publicly exposed more than a half-century ago.

Moscow Mayor Yuri M. Luzhkov believes that Stalin should get his due. "How did people go into the war?" Luzhkov said. ". . . They went to war with the cry 'For the homeland! For Stalin!' "

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