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Credit where it is [slop, slurp, lick] due

   Loyal readers will remember this post, where I griped about how The New York Times managed to write a long front-page, and actually pretty interesting, story about Buffalo wings and only grudgingly mention Anchor Buffalo.

   This morning, somebody else did the same story: Chicken wings, once considered trash fit only for soup, are now so popular that they are getting really expensive.

   But, this time, the reporter [from Rochester] not only mentioned Buffalo, she did the story from here. Viz:

- Hot Wings' Pain Now Felt By Restaurants, Too - Rachel Ward/WXXI/National Public Radio
   Once a novel way to use a throwaway part — and sell more beer — the humble Buffalo chicken wing is now a whole industry. But the wing pieces are no longer cheap: Wholesale prices doubled in the past decade. And that's creating real problems for restaurants.
   The Anchor Bar in Buffalo N.Y., is the home of the Original Buffalo Chicken Wing. It's often imitated, but never duplicated, according to current owner Ivano Toscani, who inherited the chicken wing dynamo from the original owners, the Belissimos

No geographic rivalry here.

-- George Pyle/The Buffalo News

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