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Black ice trips up morning commute

Black ice has made roads slippery this morning and has been blamed for several crashes. 

The Niagara International Transportation Technology Coalition is reporting problem areas in the following locations:

11 a.m.:

    NITTEC reports that the region's major highways are clear of the morning's traffic problems. 

9:10 a.m.:

    Congestion has cleared from most areas affected earlier by accidents and black ice. 

    NITTEC continues to report congestion in the following areas:

    Route 400 North between Route 277 and I-90

    I-190 North between I-90 and Exit 2 (Clinton Street) 

    I-90 East between Exit 55 (Ridge Road) and Exit 53 (I-190).

8:51 a.m.: 

    I-290 East: Congestion remains between Exit 3 (Niagara Falls Boulevard) and Exit 5 (Millersport).

    Route 33 West: Congestion remains between Harlem Road and Oak Street as of 8:47 a.m. 

8:46 a.m.:

    Ramp I-290 East to I-990 North: Earlier accident that closed ramp has been cleared.

    Route 400: Incident report for Route 400 South has been removed, but there is now congestion on the northbound section of the road between Route 277 to I-90. 

8:40 a.m.: 

    I-190 North: There is congestion between I-90 to Exit 2 (Clinton Street).

8:33 a.m.:

    I-290 West: The right lane remains closed near Exit 2 (Colvin Boulevard) because of an accident reported at 7:29 a.m.

    I-290 East: Congestion remains between Exit 1 (Elmwood Avenue) and Exit 5 (Millersport), but an earlier incident report near Exit 3 has been cleared.

8:19 a.m.: 

    Route 400 SouthClosed from Seneca Street to Route 277 because of an accident reported at 8:13 a.m.

    Ramp I-290 East to I-990 North: Ramp is closed due to an accident reported at 8:04 a.m.

    Ramp 33 Westbound: Congestion from Route 198 to Oak Street. NITTEC's incident report for the ramp at Route 33 East to Route 198 West has been removed. 

8:10 a.m.: 

    I-290 Eastbound: An accident at Niagara Falls Boulevard (Exit 3) reported at 7:25 a.m. has shut down the right lane and the ramp to Exit 3 North. There is also congestion between Exit 1 (Elmwood Avenue) and Exit 5 (Millersport) reported as of 8:11 a.m. 

    Ramp Route 33 East to Route 198 West: An accident beyond Route 33 East reported at 7:32 a.m. has shut down the left lane of the ramp.

    Route 198 East: An accident near Grant Street reported at 8 a.m. has shut down the left lane. 

Check back for updates on the traffic situation.

 -- Denise Jewell Gee

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