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Trivia Quiz

1. Who is credited with originating the saying "God helps those who help themselves"?

2. Name President Richard Nixon's longtime secretary.

3. What is the most ancient form of vertebrate life?

4. What kind of burners are used on hot-air balloons?

5. Lava, which comes from volcanoes, is called what before it is exposed to air?

6. Name the actor who in a 1982 movie plays the role of an historic figure from the age of 30 to age 79. Who is portrayed?

7. Identify the "Mile-High City."

8. Who wrote "A child of our grandmother Eve, a female; or, for thy more sweet understanding, a woman"?

9. What does the word "pandemonium" mean?

10. Sturgeon roe is a good delicacy better known by what name?



1. Benjamin Franklin.

2. Rose Mary Woods.

3. Fish, dating back possibly 450 million years.

4. Propane. These burners allow easier control of climb and descent.

5. Magma.

6. Ben Kingsley. He plays the role of Mahatma Gandhi in "Gandhi."

7. Denver, Colo.

8. William Shakespeare, in "Love's Labour's Lost."

9. A wild uproar or tumultuous gathering. Originally, this was Milton's name for the chief city in Hell in "Paradise Lost."

10. Caviar.

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