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The Grammar Guru

Cave Girl (1) at all times ignored things that didn't affect her personally, so she calmly walked past the cave people next door, who were wringing their hands and crying. It never occurred to her to find their behavior (2) puzzling in nature.

While walking, she picked up a shiny piece of glass (3) due to the fact that she wanted to give herself the once-over. Staring into it, she decided that nothing needed fixing and tossed the glass.

Being so self-absorbed, Cave Girl rarely worried about anything, especially the (4) future to come. Why worry? For one thing, all the cave boys thought she was a prize, with her long hair that fell down her back and her long legs that fell down to the ground. The boys were always falling all over themselves to impress her. What's more, she never had to (5) cooperate together with the other cave girls, as far as cleaning the fish the boys brought back for dinner. She smell of fish? Not very likely!

(6) In the final analysis, Cave Girl never did find out that the cave people next door were upset because she'd won the latest beauty contest. In their eyes, their teenage cave girl had walked away with the looks.

Remember: People don't have time to futz around. If you can say it "shortly," do so. For example:

(1) at all times = always (Cave Girl always pretended not to notice how much the boys liked her, especially Cave Horace, who she secretly thought was drop-dead cute.)

(2) puzzling in nature = puzzling (Cave Horace found Cave Girl's behavior puzzling. All the other girls thought he was drop-dead cute. What was with her, anyway?)

(3) due to the fact that = because (The cave people were always moving to new caves because their caves always became filthy. During the last move, Cave Horace asked Cave Girl, "May I carry your bed-skin for you?")

(4) future to come = future (What with one bed-skin and another, Cave Horace stayed beside Cave Girl all day, imagining a future of bliss with her.)

(5) cooperate together = cooperate (When Cave Girl caught Cave Horace making eyes at Cave Delores, she refused to cooperate with him any longer. The next time everybody moved, she found some other jerk to carry her stuff!)

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