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Boeheim doesn't like change

NCAA-Syracuse-Basketball  Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim talked Saturday about the lone "interview" with another major college he has had since he started with the Orange. It was with Ohio State in the spring of 1986.

“I’ve been at Syracuse for 48 years," Boeheim said. “I honestly have really never contemplated going someplace else. I had one interview, and I wouldn’t even leave Syracuse to do it. I did it because somebody just said we’re coming into see you. I said that’s fine. I don’t want anybody to know about it. I’m not going out of my house. If you want to come here you can. That’s the only time I ever talked to anybody else. There was never a thought in my mind of leaving. It was just a courtesy."

Even if he had the slightest interest in leaving Syracuse (which he didn't), Boeheim wasn't about to leave in '86. He knew he had a loaded team.

"I had Derrick Coleman, Stevie Thompson coming in and Ronny Seikaly and those guys sitting there. Sherman Douglas. There was no way in hell I was going then."

---Mark Gaughan

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