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Trivia Quiz / By Donald Saltz

1. What is the seven-letter word that begins with a "v" and refers to the internal organs of the body?

2. The large wooden flying boat (aircraft) built by Howard Hughes is nicknamed . . .

3. Which U.S. president in his early years had a girlfriend named Ann Rutledge?

4. Decibels is a measurement for . . .

5. September was what month numerically in the ancient Roman calendar?

6. Is it true or false that a peach is 60 to 65 percent water?

7. What are digits of the foot called?

8. Robert E. Peary, Matthew Henson and several Eskimos were the first people in recorded history to have reached what point?

9. How many regular-season games do National Football League teams play each season?

10. The state admitted 48th to the Union is the "Grand Canyon State." Which state?



1. "Viscera."

2. "Spruce Goose."

3. Abraham Lincoln, prior to his marriage.

4. Volume or sound.

5. The seventh month. The year began with March.

6. False, it is about 87 percent water.

7. Toes.

8. The North Pole.

9. Sixteen.

10. Arizona.

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