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Run and gun pioneers

Missouri coach Mike Anderson believes in pressing the pedal to the medal on offense and defense. He learned that frenetic style as an assistant at Arkansas under Nolan Richardson and his "40 Minutes of Hell'' philosophy.

But playing fast and furious can put a strain on the players as Anderson learned when Arkansas played  
faced the kings of run-and-gun basketball 20 years ago.

"We played at Loyola Marymont when I was at Arkansas. That is when Hank Gathers and Bo Kimble and that bunch [played],'' Anderson said. "They wanted to get the ball down the floor in four seconds and let it fly. I tell you what, our guys went in at halftime [and] that's the most tired I've ever seen guys get. Even after the game we had some guys that had to have a drug test. They could not piss for ... I mean it took them to midnight before they took a leak.''

---Allen Wilson

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