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It's that time of year again.

The time of year where I pick a tournament bracket which would include fantastic finishes, awesome matchups, killer upsets, unbelievable storylines, massive television ratings ...

... but instead always leaves me in the bottom 13 percent of the pool.

Join the Prep Talk Nation pool on Facebook and see if I can continue the poor prognosticating or if maybe, just maybe, this is the year I'm yelling like Gus Johnson (appearing in Buffalo this week) when it's all over. Or maybe you'll be yelling like you're Gus Johnson after you're the big winner.

If the pool link doesn't work for any reason, check out Prep Talk blog's Facebook page (also linked below) where there is more information.

My apologies on the late notice. Was too busy writing about high school hoops. 🙂

My bracket and I are off to Glens Falls ...

---Keith McShea

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