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Hoax TV news show stirs invasion panic

TBILISI, Georgia (AP) -- Georgians have been panicked by a hoax television news program announcing that the Russian army had invaded and killed President Mikhail N. Saakashvili.

Russia and Georgia fought a brief but bloody war in 2008, a conflict still fresh in the minds of Georgians who have since seen two de facto independent provinces erect firm borders.

Imedi TV on Saturday broadcast what it called a "simulation" of what a fresh invasion would look like. The broadcast ended with a note that the events in it were not real. However, the show did not run any on-screen notes during the half-hour broadcast to alert viewers that what they were watching was not real. Consequently, many were alarmed.

A few media outlets picked up on the story, and the channel ran a ticker during a subsequent entertainment show stating that the report "did not correspond with reality."


15 are reported killed in land rights clash

MOGADISHU, Somalia (AP) -- A clan elder in Somalia says a fight over land rights between two rival clans has killed at least 15 people.

Clan elder Abdulahi Bashir Jama says Saturday's fighting was triggered by long-standing hostilities over land ownership. The fighting took place in Amara village in the country's north, far from the capital of Mogadishu, where Islamist militants have been clashing with government troops.

Somalia has not had a functioning government for a generation, since clan warlords overthrew a socialist dictator in 1991.


Incentive plan targets scientific brain drain

JERUSALEM (AP) -- Israel's government has approved a plan to lure the country's top scientific minds back home after years of brain drain.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office said in a statement Sunday that the plan includes incentives for scientists and new research facilities. It did not elaborate.

It said that about $250 million have been earmarked for the project.

The plan aims to encourage Israeli scientists and technicians -- many of whom have left Israel for more lucrative research opportunities overseas -- to return to the country.

Netanyahu was quoted as saying that science "is an important core of know-how for growth and advancement in Israel."

Israel has a tradition of scientific excellence. Ada Yonath of Israel's Weizmann Institute of Science won the Nobel Prize for chemistry last year.


Costs cancel bid to host Miss Universe pageant

LA PAZ, Bolivia (AP) -- Bolivia is dropping its bid to host the Miss Universe pageant because it would cost more than anticipated.

President Evo Morales has lobbied foreign leaders to help him bring the glamorous contest to this impoverished South American nation.

But Culture Minister Zulma Yugar said Sunday that a closer look at estimated costs forced the government to pull out.

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