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Help Wanted: CyberCops

   Quote from today's Business Today story about the CareerFest jobs fair:FBi_header_Carlesa
   "We are hiring around the country," said FBI Special Agent Ed Needham, a veteran of 21 years in counterterror work who Tuesday took in the role of recruiter. "We're hiring diversity. We're hiring cyber skills. There are very few crimes these days that don't involve computers."

   Related article from today's Washington Post:
- War game reveals U.S. lacks cyber-crisis skills - Ellen Nakashima/The Washington Post
   Scene: The White House Situation Room.
   Event: A massive cyber attack has turned the cellphones and computers of tens of millions of Americans into weapons to shut down the Internet. A cascading series of events then knocks out power for most of the East Coast amid hurricanes and a heat wave.
   Is the assault on cellphones an armed attack? In a crisis, what power does the government have to order phone and Internet carriers to allow monitoring of their networks? What level of privacy can Americans expect?
war game, sponsored by a nonprofit group and attended by former top-ranking national security officials, laid bare Tuesday that the U.S. government lacks answers to such key questions.

   Double related piece from the BBC:
- Scammers target jobseekers - Julie McCullough/BBC
- Cyber Warriors - James Fallows/The Atlantic
- Cyberattack cripples US (You mean you missed it?) - Emma Woollacott/TG Daily
- Will al-Qaeda’s next attack on America be a cyber attack?  - Jim Kennedy/Continuity Central
[Last three links thanks to The Atlantic Wire.]  

-- George Pyle/The Buffalo News

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