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Party pics portray picklers' passion

Frazer shoots at pickle party

You'd never expect that much work to be this much fun, but the intrepid picklers of Mariner Street enjoyed the heck out their 61-jar vinegar-soaked marathon a few Sundays ago. The combination of Betsy Frazer's classic Victorian and the chance to break out the classy aprons made for an elegant setting for acts of vegetable augmentation. (Above, Frazer shoots close-ups of partly assembled jars while Courtney Grim, left, works away.)

The News' Robert Kirkham shot the event, with a slideshow of his outtakes here.

But the women were shooting back. A gallery of photos by writer and participant Lauren Newkirk Maynard is here.

If you decide to have a pickle party and shoot pictures of your own, send us a link. Let the world in on what you've been up to in your kitchen, at Hungry for More.

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