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Calling all eaters: Nominate WNY's best sandwiches

DiTondo's sausage sandwich - sm

To get noticed in this town, a sandwich has got to pack a lot into each fistful of food.

It better be tasty. It better be something that you can't get at every last corner sandwich shop. It better deliver real value, too, for eaters to come back to the store and open up their wallets for a second bite.

So to kick off research on a story that will survey Western New York's best sandwiches, I offer you my starting point: the sausage sandwich at DiTondo's, 370 Seneca St.

Note the chubby patty of Mineo & Sapio sausage, cooked until just a hint of pink remains, and still juicy — clear sausage nectar flows when the sandwich is halved.

Topped with cappicola, spicy Italian style ham. Plus whole roasted Hungarian peppers, not particularly spicy. Plus provolone cheese. For six bucks and change, with a pickle and half a hard-boiled egg.

This is clearly the work of a cook who doesn't give a fig how many Weight Watchers points you have left today. This is the work of someone determined to make your taste buds holler with the ingredients they had to work with.

Later this fall, I'll be offering a report on some of the other fine sandwiches out there. Please send me your suggestions, with the name of the sandwich, the name of the place, and address. I will round up scouts and we'll check out as many possibilities as we can before reporting back.

Successful nominees will be unusual, if not unique; a good value; available to the general public; and most importantly, be a fantastic bite. Please send suggestions to

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