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At the risk of feeding the beast, I feel compelled to respond to this laughable notion that we were somehow "baiting" Terrell Owens after the loss to the Saints last week. First of all, reporters were simply trying to get T.O.'s reaction to a bad offensive showing. It was the obvious line of questioning. Owens lowered the overall tone with his childish decision to answer every question the same way.

As for my attempt to get him to comment on Trent Edwards, keep this in mind: Two weeks ago, Owens said Edwards needed to make better decisions. So if I ask for his opinion on Edwards' decision-making after a game when he doesn't catch a pass for the first time in 186 games, and the Bills don't score an offensive TD, how exactly is that baiting and unfair?

Owens' defenders went wild when ESPN made a big deal of his comments about Edwards after Week 1. Even I thought they went overboard. But if T.O. talking about his quarterback's decision-making is innocuous and OK, why is it that a reporter can't address it? Once again, it seems T.O.'s defenders are swallowing this notion that he "can't win" with the media. He brings it on himself, and people are allowing him to have a double standard.

Here's the most disturbing thing about T.O. right now -- he is making a transparent attempt to reinvent his history in the NFL. He keeps talking about the media "twisting what he says" and referring back to his days in Philly, Dallas and San Francisco, as if the writers and commentators there invented all the outrageous things he did. Come on, anyone can see through that strategy. It's just too bad that he's using Buffalo as his base of operations to rewrite his own sordid history.

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