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Before you leave, Andrew...

   The story on Page One -- As Democrats convene here, Paterson's fate is uncertain -- says that New York Democrats are through with Gov. David Paterson and want to elevate the more-popular Attorney General Andrew Cuomo to the top of the ticket. [Update.]   


    The story on the Business Today cover -- 12 debt collectors face extortion charges -- might lead one to suggest that Democrats would be doing themselves, and the rest of New York, no favor to remove the crusading AG from his current post. After all, no matter how resounding his victory at the polls, Gov. Cuomo will never be able to do to members of the Legislature or State House lobbyists what he did Tuesday [right] to those accused of the most heinous kind of so-called business.

   We also know what happens to crusading attorneys general when they get to be governor.

   At the very least, Democrats should not offer Cuomo for governor until they assure us that he has fully trained his replacement.

-- George Pyle/The Buffalo News 

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