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Familiar and follow-ups.

   You loyal readers of The Buffalo News might find these gleanings interesting:

- Detroit's fight against vacant land gets tougher - The Detroit Free Press


    Detroit already suffers more vacancy than any city in the nation, except perhaps post-Katrina New Orleans, urban planners and academic researchers said. An estimated 40 square miles of the city's 139 square miles of land are now vacant, an amount of land roughly the size of San Francisco or Boston. [Buffalo version.]
   Also from the Freep: Are we obsessed with 'ruin porn'?

 - San Francisco tilts toward wind power - The San Francisco Chronicle
   "We should absolutely harness the wind," said Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, who as a city supervisor in July 2008 joined Mayor Gavin Newsom in convening the urban wind power task force, which is publishing the report. "Now if we could just harness the hot air that comes out of City Hall and the Capitol, we'll have an answer to global warming." [Buffalo version.]

- Luxury developers cut penthouse prices - The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
   They are for sale at a time when the economy and battered local housing market have forced potential buyers to pull back from such high-end move-ups, leaving many units empty. Now some developers are cutting prices to try to move the expensive real estate. [Buffalo version.]

- The G-20 focus is on hindsight - The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
   Some officials claimed it generated $35 million in direct spending in the city and three times that in media exposure. But business owners complained they lost business due to heavy security measures that left the Downtown with a small fraction of its normal work force. [Buffalo version.]

-- George Pyle/The Buffalo News

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