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Some remedies take longer than others

Every so often we like to take a moment to look back and update our readers on problems that have appeared in the Fix It column.

Some of the success stories include bumpy roads that have been repaved or patched, lane markings that have been repainted or missing street signs, like the one at Proctor and Bailey avenues in Buffalo, that have been replaced.

But sometimes the situation is not resolved immediately, such as the locked gate that prevented residents from walking or biking on a stretch of the Riverwalk.

When we looked into the problem, Erie County Parks Commissioner James Hornung Sr. told The News he would meet with the Army Corps of Engineers to discuss the matter.

While we were unable to reach Hornung on Friday for an official update, Fix It reader Greg Crittenden told The News that shortly after the report in the newspaper, the gate was unlocked.

Occasionally, doing an update reveals that the problem remains.

"I'd like to know when the road in the airport tunnel on Aero Drive is going to be repaired," John Natalzia asked in an e-mail to The News. "This was supposed to be repaired in early summer. To date it's still a mess."

Last week, when contacted about the situation, Erie County Public Works Commissioner Gerard Sentz said a glitch had developed.

"There has been a delay in the contract between the state and us," Sentz told The News. "We will make every attempt to go out and patch the potholes that exist (this) week, weather permitting, so as to alleviate the immediate problem."


Fix It has tackled everything from faulty roads to poor street lighting and broken public drinking fountains. Readers can submit potential items through regular mail by writing to Fix It, c/o The Buffalo News, One News Plaza, Buffalo, NY 14203; by e-mail at; or by calling the Fix It voice mail line at 849-6026. Fix It considers every suggestion, but is not able to respond all.1

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