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The great Goo gamble

Last year, faced with large returns on the several albums he'd released and shipped around the world, Robby Takac came within a breath of closing his independent record label, Good Charamel, launched in 2003.

"All the bands we signed ended up breaking up!" says Takac with a wry laugh. "It was really heartbreaking, and we really had to sit down and revisit what was going on. Was this a feasible venture? Was it just taking way more than it could possibly give? Was it time to concede defeat, and just get on with it? It really did seem that way."

However, one of the Buffalo bands signed to Good Charamel, the Juliet Dagger, had seen some international success after touring Japan with the cult band Shonen Knife. The all-female, Osaka-based garage-punk-pop trio would become the first non-Buffalo band to be signed to Good Charamel, and would give the label a new lease on life.

"Having Shonen Knife kick-started the label again," says Takac. "That got all of us totally enthused about the whole process once more. It made it feel like it was all most definitely worth it."

Now, Takac and crew have relaunched the label with vigor. They're looking for bands to sign once more.

"The next signing, which we're going to be announcing soon -- I can't give you any more details than this: It's a Buffalo-based thing. And it's a big one!"

-- Jeff Miers

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