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Letters / Our readers speak out

Jackson's talent makes Lynch expendable

Buffalo Bills running back Fred Jackson has made the case. His performances in the first two games have made him the most consistent player on the team.

His 330 combined yards for the two games could easily put him on pace to break the 2,000 combined yards mark. That has not been done since Thurman Thomas. By comparison to Marshawn Lynch's 1,336 combined yards in 2008, that would be a significant improvement. In my estimation Jackson has earned the right to claim the featured running back status.

Bills management should take this opportunity to deal Lynch and his baggage away. The distractions Lynch brings compared to his production on the field just don't add up. Bills fans have had enough of Lynch and he should go the way of our other "star" back, Willis McGahee.

Martin Forero



Let's see some ID from offensive line

It's hard to believe but the Bills' brain trust two years ago almost dropped Fred Jackson in the final cuts.

Maybe we can get our mayor to also give Jackson keys to the city.

And Trent Edwards finally figured out it wasn't against the rules to throw over 5 yards.

The loud boos from the sellout crowd when T.O. let the perfect bomb slip through his hands was not popcorn popping.

I'd like to buy Andy Levitre and Eric Wood, our outstanding rookie guards, a beer. But I'm not sure they're old enough.

John Borton

West Seneca


Bills have weapons kept under wraps

Buffalo, do you realize the team the Bills have assembled this year? We should be unbeatable. We have all the tools necessary for a Super Bowl run, the problem being, as in game one, we are very weak in pass defense, and coaching.

With all the talent we have, we should be aiming for the end zone on every play. Why are we playing scared, plays that at best net 2 or 3 yards? We did this in the first game, and a lot of the second, even when we are very close to the end zone. Why? We need an aggressive offensive coordinator, not a second-string quarterback who makes us move at a snail's pace. Use the talent instead of leashing it up. Look what happened when Edwards went long -- we scored.

That's exciting, smart football, fully using all the weapons we have.

Thomas E. Paszko



Time for Sestak to be in the Hall

Mark Gaughan states that Tom Sestak's induction to the Pro Football Hall of Fame is "not going to happen due to his short playing career."

Sestak played seven years of professional football. A cursory look at the Hall's list of previous inductees reveals that Dutch Clark also played only seven years; Ernie Nevers and Cliff Battles? Six. Benny Friedman played only four years, yet he is in the hallowed Hall. If it can be said that Friedman proved his mettle in just four years, why can't the same be said for Sestak, who served almost twice as long?

It's time to recognize that Sestak's talent marked him as elite, regardless of the duration of his career. If it was done for others, it can be done for him. Put him in the Hall of Fame.

Angela Y. Coniglio



Stadium litter bugs leave a sorry mess

I drove by Ralph Wilson Stadium the day after last week's game and I could not believe my eyes. The garbage that was left behind by the tailgaters was absolutely shameful. I had my four children in the car and my heart grew heavy for them and I was angry. Most people who left the lot looking like that are parents themselves. This is the planet you want to leave for them?

You want to tell them to clean their rooms, take care of their things, appreciate the things you buy them, be responsible citizens and you leave the parking lot like that? You want to complain to local leaders about fixing potholes, sidewalks, lights and you leave the place looking like a garbage dump? Why should they care? You don't.

You want to complain about your taxes but you can't pick up after yourself so someone on the public payroll does it? You want to complain about players who don't work hard enough for their pay but you are too lazy to walk to the dumpster?

It is not the big things in life that make a difference, it is the small things. I felt embarrassed for Buffalo.

Megan Swanson



Columnist needs to take a knee

So according to Steve Tasker, the actions of two boys not old enough to be charged as adults reflect on the entire Western New York community, or at least all of the Bills fans.

Then we have Bucky Gleason of The News actually using this dumb act as an excuse for NFL players to carry guns? Just an observation here but 99.99 percent of Bills fans don't even know where the players live. If one wants to try and use this "logic" then the entire city of Buffalo and WNY should be judged by the actions of those young men of similar age who are shooting and killing other young men and innocent bystanders.

I can't help but wonder if Tasker would think it fair if we judged all NFL players by the actions of Michael Vick, because he is painting this community with a similarly wide brush. In the future perhaps both Tasker and Gleason should "take a knee" before indulging in such ridiculous hyperbole.

Patrick Kelly

Grand Island


UB cheerleaders show a touch of class

I attended the UB-Pitt football game and was pleased to see the UB cheerleaders act with class. A Pitt player was injured, whereupon the entire crew took a knee until he left the field. If only we all could adopt this attitude, that competition and rivalry only go so far.

Denis Everest



Eden coach Tilley does the right things

I was pleased to see in The Buffalo News that the Eden Central varsity head coach was nominated as the Coach of the Week. Chuck Tilley took over for the Eden Raiders this year. He has not only turned the program around but also the overall atmosphere of the school, students, athletes and parents. Tilley brings a coaching philosophy that discipline brings respect, which in return brings great overall achievement.

A couple examples of Tilley's coaching ethics: The first meeting he invited all parents to come and observe a practice to see his coaching philosophy. At that point you could see all the athletes were behind their head coach. The other example was at the first game when an opposing player got injured, every player on the team took one knee and removed their helmet to show the ultimate sign of respect for the opposing team.

As a parent, father and coach, I would like to acknowledge Tilley for bringing coaching, discipline and respect back to our school.

Paul Sanchez Jr.


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